Wood Filler

Wood Filler

Jo Sonja's Woodfiller: Water-based, non-toxic and fast drying, this easy to use filler is ideal for nail holes and blemishes in wood and MDF.
Use directly from the tub or thin with up to 10% water to repair minor imperfections or fill grain. May be tinted using Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours or painted over when dry and sanded. May also be used to repair damage to painted items. Pre-tint or overpaint as necessary.


  • Apply using a plastic palette knife and smooth lightly. Filler will dry in minutes when used in thin layers. Sand lightly before proceeding to paint your item.
  • If staining a timber piece with Jo Sonja's Clear Glaze Medium or Jo Sonja's Wood Stain Glazes, prepare item with Jo Sonja's Wood Filler prior to staining. The filler will accept the stain perfectly and will not be clearly visible.

Trouble Shooting:

Hardening of contents.
Stand pot in hot water until soft, or add a few drops of water to smooth.

Reactivating when overpainting.
If you apply a very watery wash over the Filler, it 'may' reactivate. Allow 12-24 hours to harden if this is the case, or apply a coat of Jo Sonja's Clear Glaze Medium to lightly seal before proceeding with wash.

Colour incorrect for repairs or touch ups.
Tint with Jo Sonja Colours and apply smoothly. Dry overnight and touch up with varnish.

Greying' of Filler on application
Do not use a metal spatula for application. Use wood or plastic.