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The Joy of Painting (Children's Edition)

Happy, tiny cherubs. Lovely, precious, little darlings. Squirming, crying, drooling, non-stop bouncing, running, laughing bundles of energy. All of these descriptions are applicable to children, especially to those between the ages of 10 months and 4 years, and it seems, especially to my children. But it doesn’t mean I can’t paint them...

Decorative Artist Spotlight: Bobbie Takashima

In the spirit of the fall season, Chroma is shining its spotlight on our “Queen of Halloween,” Jo Sonja artist and teacher Bobbie Takashima.  With her colorful, whimsical style, Bobbie is known worldwide for her imaginative designs and enthusiastic, inspiring workshops around the country.

Painting The Contradiction: Judith Peck & David Padworny

There’s something about painting the human face. It’s what we show the world, but it’s also where we try to hide our deepest emotions. It’s this inherent contradiction, the real and the pretend, the opened and the closed simultaneously, which makes figurative painting so compelling, and a subject that artists tackle in deeply personal styles.

Love To Look: Kellie Newsome

People love to look at other people. And in the case of Kellie Newsome, people are certainly viewing her works, and the subjects stare right back. "I paint people because I like challenging myself.  I feel like everyone can connect to portraits and, with the splash of color, they are drawn into the painting," she says. In her works of scientists, actors, musicians and other celebrities, Kellie has found a way to represent these well-known individuals in a style that bursts with color and pulses with life using Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylics.

News From the Decorative Arts' World

Decorative and Folk Artists recently experienced 6 days of learning and fun at the Creative Painting Convention in Las Vegas, NV, USA.  Over 150 events and classes were offered to over 775 attendees.  Jo Sonja Jansen, the inspiration behind Chroma’s Jo Sonja Artists’ Colours, taught a wonderful seminar, The Time Keeper’s Garden. This clock featured florals and the bluebird of happiness in bright and sunny colors and was the perfect harbinger of spring and summer!

New Orleans Painters Lory Lockwood and Adrian Deckbar

When you think of New Orleans, often images of Mardi Gras or even Hurricane Katrina come to mind.  However, New Orleans based artists Lory Lockwood and Adrian Deckbar are inspired by other images – engines and motorcycles and primeval nature.  Although their subject matter differs, they share an obsession for detail and realism, as well as a love of Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylics.

Australian Impressionist Colley Whisson

Australian artist Colley Whisson carries on the Impressionist tradition.  His landscapes and interiors are known for their painterly approach with loose, bold brushwork, while still being representational. His books Creating Impressionist Landscapes in Oils and Impressionist Painting Made Easy , along with articles in International Artist and Australian Artist magazines, has increased his global audience. According to Whisson, Impressionism covers such a wide range of styles that it allows him to employ passages of realism or abstraction whenever he feels it's necessary or appropriate.

New! Chroma Mural Paint and Mural Paint Markers

Chroma Mural Paint and Mural Paint Markers takes your vision to the next level! With brilliant, lightfast colors inspired by nature and the street, Chroma Mural Paint and Mural Paint Markers lets you make your mark indoors and out.

Rabbits’ Holes...Or Where Paintings Can Take You

When I start a painting, I like to have a fairly good idea in my head or see what I am going to paint. I’m not one that can just start painting an empty canvas. (I envy those painters!) My starting vision is just that – a starting place – but sometimes what I imagined at the beginning is radically different from the final results.  I’ve discovered that letting go, and being open and present during the process allows me to respond to what is happening.  This sometimes takes me down an unexpected path, or in this case, down the proverbial rabbit hole.

John Walker- Winter in the Fire Forest

John Walker is one of Australia's foremost landscape painters. His latest body of work was on exhibition at Utopia Gallery, Waterloo, Sydney from late October to mid November. In their media release for the show Utopia Gallery has written,

Winter in the Fire Forest is a body of work that can be tentatively traced to a discovery Walker made whilst painting at the edge of a mountain ash forest near Reidsdale, NSW about six years ago.