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Art Fusion Productions Step by Step Abstract Art

Sydney Artist Glenn Farquhar has created a series of fantastic painting videos giving tips and whole lesson ideas for anyone: experienced artists pick up some techniques whilst  absolute beginners can start with confidence.  Chroma has partnered with Glenn for this latest release and these Dvds will be available from late November through good art stores where you find Atelier Interactive and A2. 

Step by Step Abstract Art from artist Glenn Farquhar

Chroma Australia is proud to announce our new association with Sydney Artist, Glenn Farquhar.  Chroma Australia is very impressed by Glenn Farquhar’s Step By Step Art DVD Series and highly recommends these instructional DVD’s and 20 download art lessons.  Glenn has now produced ten DVD’s with the latest releases being 7, 8, 9 & 10 incorporating Chroma Atelier & A2 artist acrylics and medium. Combined with his own wonderful teaching skills Glenn's lessons are Informative and inspiring,showing you just how easy it is to paint like a professional artist.

DRAWPj Online drawing competition

Cindy Wider from Drawjp Art Camp wrote in thanking Chroma for the sponsorship given to their Annual Online
art competition at that was have announced in August.
 You can see the winners at this link

Heart2Heart Project, Viwa Island , Fiji

Chroma supported Heart2Heart project Sydney in helping the school children of Viwa Island, Fiji .This project has donated school supplies such as books and art materials which these Fijian children would otherwise go without.

The tiny island community of Viwa is approximately 48 nautical miles northwest of Denarau. It is the most western island located at the bottom of the Yasawa Group. Viwa Island has two small village communities and their children attend tiny schools in these two communities.


Hopefully those of you who didn't read the last article will make some sense of this, and hopefully those of you who read the last article are still willing to read this one!
 This sounds very obvious, but it needs to be said. I set up my palette, so that my acrylic paints stay usable. It's really important that you are able to keep your paint workable; so that your paint is in good condition when you are about to use it. There are few things worse than having chunks of semi dried paint and globs popping up in your lovely smooth sky.

I've designed a great system which works really well; I'll go into this further down the article.

Mitchell Winter School- Bathurst, NSW and Cooee Bay Artist’s seminar - Yeppoon, QLD.

Around 250 artists gather for this mid winter school in the country town accessibly close to Sydney. The tutors offer their best know how and techniques using paints of every imaginable kind, which allowed me to get fairly clear cut understanding or overview of how serious amateur artists are approaching their art and this is reflected in new simplified information which I have set out covering the use of AI (see attached copy).
There is one particular demonstration that I would like to comment on which was carried out by Herman Pikel who is an extremely competent tonal painter and is able to impart his knowledge very effectively to his students.

Starlight Foundation Thankyou

Recently Chroma Sponsored pop-Mart Social painting in Melbourne, see news article from 18 June 2012 on Pop Mart. A Grand Finale Charity Auction was held to round off their activities on June 7th. 200 art works were returned from prior participants to create an art installation that was assembled and an art auction was held to raise money for the Starlight Foundation.

The Landscape paintings of Euan Macleod

Injecting a unique vision into your artwork is a compelling reason for any artist to keep painting. The drama of landscape can be a seductive subject but how often does this revert to standard horizontal compositions of foreground, mid- ground and distance with atmospheric perspective? While this formula can itself take a while taking to master, it can all too easily leave the viewer feeling lackluster. Learning to translate and refine our vision of landscape, and also master the medium of oil painting, means taking risks, exploring the medium and thrashing out concepts to find compositions that most effectively communicate our ideas.

Ali Cockrean, Jubilee Pageant Artist Saves Historic ‘Lost’ Painting with Atelier Interactive

ALI Cockrean, one of just 20 artists exclusively commissioned to paint the Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant live on TV, has managed to save her painting of the historic event after it was destroyed by rain.

Less is More: How to Acquire Mastery of Colour

As an artist, and, indeed, as a lover of art, I spend a lot of time looking round galleries and museums, both physical and virtual. While nothing beats a visit to a major institution like The National Gallery in London or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, studying the work of master artists on or is also a worthwhile exercise. By master artists I mean the Old Masters, the Moderns, and some (but not all!) of the major names working today.