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Getting into the Christmas Spirit

A Christmas card by Anna Rosa Martin

Do you like making gifts and cards?
Here is a very easy step by step tutorial on a Christmas card design by one of Chroma's TAPP teachers, Anna Rosa Martin. After you have done this it will be easy to make variations by experimenting with different colour combinations and stencil patterns.

Atelier Traditional Mediums with Alan Friend

I am Alan Friend, an artist from the United Kingdom and friend of Chroma. Jim Cobb asked me to take a look at the new Atelier mediums which Chroma has released, Traditional Gloss Medium, Traditional Glazing Liquid (Gloss), and Traditional Regular Gel (Gloss). The following article is a comprehensive explanation how mediums function and the purpose of these newest additions to Chroma’s stable.

Young Artist making a stir in the UK

Do you love to paint but struggle to find a really catchy idea or subject? Being drawn to what you love and really finding out about it through research and observation and challenging stereotypes eliminates this issue. Fraser Scarfe is a young man who has put this philosophy into practice. He was inspired by the landscape around him whilst growing up in Lincolnshire and wanted to challenge its common image of being ‘flat and uninspiring’. The way that Fraser works is typical of many successful artists who use drawing as a key element in their practice, allowing them to explore ideas efficiently.

S x S Cottesloe and Bondi

The Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Bondi, Sydney for this year has just finished from the 3rd and 20th November, 2011. In it’s 15th year, it has grown from a voluntarily run one day exhibition into a multi-million dollar popular showcase of Australian and International sculpture, attracting around 500 000 domestic and international visitors.

Chroma was part sponsor of the Education Program at both exhibitions this year along with the NAB. This year we provided paints and mediums which were used in Education Workshops, contributing colour to the children’s work which was much loved by students and artists alike.

Explore Acrylics

Lately talking to people about painting is something I've been doing a lot of. So with my team, Nicole and Frankie, we decided to build a new website because I wanted to demystify the process of painting and embrace the joy of creating. And through the process of exploration and experimentation, help you discover more about your painting skills and yourself.

Painting is probably the second best thing in the world that I've ever done. I love doing it. A lot of information out there these days is kinda serious. Painting to me is fun, and there is already plenty of angst in the world.

Mitch Demo At Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts

Friend of Chroma Mitch Waite recently took a break from his burgeoning business in the South of France ( ) to undertake a tour of many Art Societies around the UK. Here is a report from one such venue, Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts.

It was good to see Mitch again. He had arrived in England on Wednesday, done one demo then, two on Thursday, ours today and is set for another tomorrow. Obviously a man with enviable energy. He is only in England for about 10 days this time - the work involved in painting for (and manning) his gallery in Vence means that the time he can give to demonstrations and holidays has had to be cut.

Chroma Art Award

Twice a year Chroma sponsors Art Awards for the Art Scene Mitchell School of the Arts, summer and winter schools. The schools are an intensive week of workshops held in term breaks in Bathurst in late January and early July. Tuition is provided by practicing professional and experienced artists in all range of traditional mediums. Entries are received before each event to allow the winners to take advantage of the school.1st prize is a scholarship for the week plus $100 worth of paints. 2nd and 3rd prizes are awarded as well and receive valuable product prizes for painters.

Year round weekend courses with Tony Hogan:painting techniques with Atelier Interactive Acrylics

Chroma in association with the S.A.A. invited me to do a presentation with Atelier Interactive in 2007. I was so impressed with the unique qualities of Atelier Interactive Acrylics that I immediately consigned my then existing acrylics to the bin and switched to Interactive.
Shortly after wards I was asked to run a weekend course tutoring these for Chroma in association with a leading art magazine.

New Atelier Mediums!

Painting mediums are wonderful, and when you incorporate them into your practice you will find that you can alter and enhance the properties of paint in a myriad of ways. Determining what you want to achieve (more transparency, more texture, less sheen, less brush strokes, more working time, faster drying time, etc.) will help you decide which mediums to try. Based on numerous artists’ request, we are very excited to introduce a new range of mediums for Atelier Interactive that make traditional acrylic painting techniques even more successful, and even more fun. After all, Interactive was designed to be used by all acrylic artists, not just those who want to rework paint, and these new mediums round out the line.

Projects for Crafters free resource website is a new website designed to encourage novice and experienced crafters alike. With free-to-download project sheets, it aims to inspire crafters to experiment with new products and techniques. The selection of projects using the wonderful range of Jo Sonja’s Artist Colours is always expanding and hopes to banish the fear crafters tend to feel towards all things ‘paint’.