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Oiling Out for Archival Oils

Have you ever noticed how some areas of an oil painting may appear “sunk” or go dull weeks after they are finished? This is a common issue with oil painting yet much neglected technicality in modern painting knowledge. There is a process called “Oiling Out” which rectifies this and is best undertaken before varnishing a fully cured painting,

Paint Talk Gallery 2011 & 2012

The paint talk Gallery so far this year and during 2010 attracted a fantastic variety of work. We at Chroma are very gratified when work is shared freely. It enriches us all in our creative journeys when amateur and professional artists alike contribute to the pages in the spirit of commraderie and exchange of ideas.

Mixing Colour Part I

The previous article we hadn't even dished up any paint. This time we are actually going to put some paint out. There is a couple of things that we need to look at:

Let’s set ourselves up so that the process of moving paint around is as easy as possible. We've touched on looking at setting ourselves up so that we can stay in “the zone”. We are going to stay in that theme, but we are going to look at it in greater detail. We'll look at our working space and our table. This time we are actually going to look at where we put our paint; how that helps us with the process of mixing colours.

Fair@Square Fair Trade & Ethical Festival 2011

Moral Fairground is promoting a Festival of Fair Trade from 2nd – 4th of December 2011, in Federation Square, Melbourne. Their aim is to promote and raise awareness of Fair Trade and Ethical Business in Australia. They do this by organising interactive festivals and events inspire consumers how Fair Trade can make a difference - globally and in their daily lives.

“Arty Brellas” Mural, Jackson’s store, Subiaco, W. A.

Following our 1st instalment in May on the Jackson’s mural, much work was completed in the last weeks of July and August. A large part of this stage has been spent analyzing the work and making critical decisions regarding the final composition. Intuition and innate artistic bent have come to the fore in the development of the composition … bringing the childrens brellas ‘to life’, reported artist Trisha Stedman.

Mono Printing with Lynn Norris

When one thinks of printing we usually think of etchings, aquatints or lithographs that require specialized equipment, hazardous chemicals and most importantly a press. However there are some techniques that can be done simply, quickly and are great fun. Artist Lynn Norris from the U.K shows how you can take the mystery out of printing and produce lovely work. This demonstration is accessible to everyone; pressing is done with the hand and uses paint rather than inks.

Wearable Art Show A Big Success

The Wearable Art Show held at Ravenshoe Town Hall QLD was a big hit on Saturday 30th of July 2011. The Art show was to showcase artwork that could be displayed and/or worn down a catwalk.

Focus On Flesh

There are so many ways to interpret and to represent the many colors of flesh. Ask 10 artists, and each will have a different palette and approach. For this portrait study, I decided to use a traditional method, called “the Flemish Technique.” This technique is based on ways that Flemish painters in the 14th -16th century developed highly realistic paintings using egg tempera, and later, oil paints. It is easily adaptable for acrylics, and this painting was created using Atelier Interactive.

Schools Reconciliation Challenge of NSW Reconciliation Council

The NSW Reconciliation Council is a non-profit, non-government organisation working towards building better relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in NSW. Earlier in the year it held a state wide art competition for young people to encourage creative engagement with reconciliation and foster appreciation for the arts in young people. Chroma sponsored prizes for the awards ceremony which was held at the Australian Museum on the 27th May, the first day of Reconciliation Week. Read on for news of the event and prize winners.

Wall Mural at St Benedicts Primary School

UK Artist Bob Huges was invited by St Benedicts Primary in Netherton, Liverpool to paint a mural in order to add a bit of colour to the school’s wall. He used the children’s artwork as a guide as he designed the 20ft x 8ft wall painting using Chromacryl paints. Bob stated that “The initial design took me a few hours from conception to finished drawing; this had to be done the day before the two days of activities at the school. On these two days I had a rota of kids who volunteered to help paint the mural. I was on hand to direct and help them mix their colours."

The kids loved the colourful mural that they sent the artist a beautiful thank you card with a photo of the painting attached.