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Sydney Grammar School Painting Festival

In March Chroma donated paints to the Sydney Grammar School to paint construction hoardings being used around major construction work taking place within the school. The painting festival idea was developed to create a sense of community by bringing the boys together through art making, to raise money for the charity, Doctors without Borders and to celebrate a new era in the schools development with the construction of a major building.

Magic of Mediums: Modelling Compound

One of the reasons I paint with Atelier Interactive is because there is a range of mediums that I can use in order to create a certain effect or achieve a certain look. Modelling Compound is one such medium, and whenever I am looking to make a strong textural statement, it’s my medium of choice.

Cancer Council NSW, annual fundraising Shit Box Rally

Chroma Australia recently sponsored a team in the Shit Box Rally, an annual fund raising event for the Cancer Council of NSW This is a community funded and focused charity which provides clinical and emotional support to those suffering this disease through the development of prevention strategies and research into new treatments and cures.

Annual Reconciliation Walk and Festival- Mt Druitt

On Saturday the 22nd May, the Mt Druitt and District Reconciliation Group held their annual walk and festival to raise awareness of Australian Indigenous culture. This very special annual event was held in Dawson Mall, followed by a walk through the local streets. Indigenous artist, Danny Eastwood, planned a design to which everyone on the day was encouraged to contribute with their own mark making, bringing the community together and celebrating the ethos of reconciliation.

Ash Artist Richard Friar

Self taught artist, Richard Friar is doing something different. His life has taken him on many quests, from olympic trainer to farmer to property developer, an environmental champion of the '90's,entrepreneur, film maker and now artist. He started painting in 2008, after he and his creative partner and author, Wendy, completed their film 'Think About It!' about the future of peace building in Iraq. A difficult relationship with his son that drove Richard to a catalytic moment where he was painting a picture as a way to reach out to his son. The paint began to haemorrhage across the canvas and, in desperation, Richard grabbed the fire ashes he'd cleaned from the wood fire and threw them on the canvas. This random act saved the moment on the canvas and, from this point, with growing intensity, he continued to paint using wood fire ashes. Three years later, when his son tragically died, he came to see that particular painting as a sign from within his unconscious mind.

Bishop Bridgman Primary School, Bolton

Cool Canvas is a enterprise local to Bolton, U.K. run by a bright young chap called Ollie Wotherspoon. He has had award winning success with his concept to form visually creative environments, with a team of skilled professionals. The company develops play areas, internal and external,for positive and lasting impact in schools and community sites. Ollie, a visual artist, works with the children in a given situation to inject colour and make their excitement and vision a reality. An interesting recent project has been the “Quiet room” in Bishop Bridgman Primary School, Bolton.

Magic of Mediums: Clear Painting Medium

The magic of mediums is that there is a painting medium for just about every type of application, especially with acrylics. Want to paint very texturally? Impasto Gel or Modelling Compound. Want matte paint? Matte Medium & Varnish. Need more working time? Slow or Thick Slow Medium. But sometimes you’ll find that there is one medium that you use, time and time again. For me, the workhorse in my studio is the Clear Painting Medium.

A Painter’s Space

Painting and colour mixing can be a ”can of worms”. We are going to start at the very beginning and I will suggest how to set up a couple of physical structures to make the process a lot easier. Hopefully we will diminish some of the fear and mystique around mixing paint and give your creativity space.

Arty Brella Mural

Tricia Stedman is well known for her Arty Brella’s art workshop which was established in 2006. She developed the concept of painting on paper umbrelllas as a workshop activity and unique decorative art, using Jo Sonja's acrylics. Kevin Jacksons and Subiaco Council have asked her to paint a mural that will be showcased on the rear western wall of the building that faces the car park servicing the cosmopolitan shopping and dining precinct of central Subiaco. Mr. Jackson has owned the building for decades and only redeveloped it last year.

Turnfest st Sea World, Gold Coast

Turnfest is the biggest annual wood turning conference in Australia and 2010 saw it relocated to Sea World on the Gold Coast. Last year’s was the largest in Australia with over 340 people attending. Each year, the organizer, David Drescher invites an interesting and varied group of demonstrators. The 50th anniversary Turn Fest in 2012 is mooted to be the biggest ever over 4 days.