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Basics of Interactive

Atelier Interactive is the world's most advanced acrylic paint, because it makes acrylic painting easier - and who doesn't want that! Because I've been painting with Interactive for over 3 years, I sometimes forget how revolutionary Interactive really is. After all, Interactive becomes touch-dry fairly quickly, so I easily use my standard acrylic painting techniques like layering, glazing and scumbling. That's what I did for the first hour or so of this study, as I was developing the piece.

But when I was ready, I was able to give myself more wet working time whenever I needed, simply by using a water sprayer on the touch-dry paint. It was easy, because I sprayed my painting with water to rewet touch-dry layers, and Interactive became wet again. It absorbed the water allowing me to blend wet- in-wet, adjust values, and control edges. Using the water sprayer when I want to blend has become second nature to me, and I have seen my paintings grow and develop because of this. Now when I have to paint with "ordinary" acrylics, I become frustrated because they don't act like Interactive!!! To see a short video on this painting, click here.

This week, I had the pleasure of attending the College Art Association's annual conference in Chicago, IL. This event brings together professors, graduate students, college students, professional artists and art historians for 3 days of presentations, demonstrations and strolling the trade show floor. It was great to meet with these artists and educators, for they are truly the future of art, and it was exciting to realize that the next generation of artists now know about the future of acrylic painting - Interactive.
Feel free to post your comments on how Interactive has helped your paintings develop, too!