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Friend of Chroma and artist Mark Waller was invited by Paul Malouf to teach and demonstrate for Art Scene's summer week of art workshops at Bathurst in January. he sent through this really engaging report. Many thanks from Chroma Mark.

"Mark the newbie. I wasn't sure what to expect regarding my first Bathurst tutorial experience. I went down there with absolutely no idea about what I was doing, other than giving my students as much information as I possibly could. Before I go any further, I want to say thank you to all of the students who took a leap of faith and spent a week with me. You guys rock."

"I. Had. A. Ball. Not only did I adore my students (who were a lot of fun and tormented me relentlessly), but the other people I met made it one of the most fantastic weeks of my life. It was so exciting being around people who get excited about the same stuff as me (pushing paint around)! Paul Malouf (Artscene Sydney) went out of his way to take all the kinks out for me, and the other tutors were sensational. I slotted right in.

The Chroma demonstration was out of the box for me. There was some debate as to whether I 'deliberately' made a mistake with one of my paintings to show off the qualities of the Atelier Interactive product. Nice idea- but not the truth! I was a little overwhelmed at first, and found myself in one of those places where you're balanced on a knife edge. Glory or………..?? I'll let the viewers be the judge. I will say however, I managed thanks to the Interactive product, to save the painting, which was later auctioned off to generate money for the Chroma Scholarship. Call me a thrill seeker, but that make or break moment was one of the highlights of the week for me.

The staff who fed us did a wonderful job. There was always plenty of food, delivered with a smile. Legends.
The accommodation was great, much better than I expected a bum artist to get. I would've been happy under one of the dormitories (but we won't tell anyone that).

All of the students who were there seemed very friendly, and I had some wonderful conversations with people from all over Australia. Maybe it was just the event, maybe it was the place. But it's always wonderful to see so many people getting on and embracing something as sensational as painting.

Back to the students. Did I mention already that they rock? We laughed. We cajoled. We teased. But most of all, we chucked paint around. And it was great. Hopefully they took something away that made their paintings better (you'll have to ask them). But I loved working with them. It was the best part of the week. I came away completely trashed. But will never forget that week, and my new friends. Can't wait to do it again (but this time with more clothes on. IT'S GOING TO BE WINTER!! Keep it clean people, sheesh!)."

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