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Easter Projects

Have fun with these great projects for you to enjoy over Easter. So pick up your paintbrush, take inspiration from these ideas and set your creativity free.

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  1. comment_1_18588

    Serena Agius commented on April 4, 2012, at 5:06 pm.


    Created by Lorraine Wingfield


    • Plastic egg from discount shop (easier to paint if you can get one that opens in half).
    • I/2” flat brush and a liner brush
    • Toothpick, soft rag and a paper bag

    All products used are from the Jo Sonja’s range which are available from Spotlight, Lincraft and all good art supply shops.

    • Glass and Tile Medium parts A and B
    • Décor Crackle Medium
    • Carbon Black, Yellow Oxide, Rich Gold and Polyurethane Satin Varnish

    • Clean egg with part A Glass and Tile Medium and a soft rag.
    • Dry and paint with flat brush and Yellow Oxide and Part B Glass and Tile Medium. Keep the paint smooth.
    • Dry and sand with a paper bag. Clean off any dust and paint again with a smooth coat of Rich Gold. You may need to sand again with the paper bag and paint another coat of Rich Gold.
    • Dry egg and the paint brush as the Decor Crackle won’t work if there is any water in the brush. Paint egg with a thin coat of Decor Crackle and dry well. You may speed up the drying process by using a hair dryer on a low heat.
    • Sand again lightly with the paper bag.
    • Paint a smooth coat of Carbon Black over entire egg. Dry naturally so the crackling has time to work.
    • Join the 2 parts of the egg back together and quarter point with a chalk pencil around the centre.
    • Dot with Rich Gold and create a pattern of your choice using the liner brush for the commas and your toothpick to add as many dots as you like.
    • Apply two coats of the satin varnish.

    NB: You may choose another colour to paint the top coat of the egg if black is not your colour.

  2. comment_2_18588

    Serena Agius commented on April 4, 2012, at 5:30 pm.


    Created by Lorraine Wingfield


    Bags are available from discount stores. They cost about $2 for 4. All products used are Jo Sonja available through Spotlight, Lincraft and art supply shops. Letter stencils are available from these shops too.

    Titanium White
    Transparent Magenta
    Yellow Light
    Brilliant Violet
    Carbon Black

    Other Requirements: Pencil, low tack tape, letter stencil, small round China bristle brush, small round brush for painting background colours, liner brush or black pen to paint the lines connecting eggs to the letter, wooden skewer or toothpick .

    Painting Instructions:
    There is no preparation but as you are painting on paper omit water from your brush by rolling the excess water off on paper towel.

    Draw a light pencil line where you would like the name to be.
    Place stencil on the line and use a low tack tape to hold in place.
    Load a small round China bristle brush in Titanium White.
    Pounce off the excess on paper towel until very little paint remains.
    This prevents a paint bleed under the stencil
    Pounce the brush over the stencil for a good coverage.
    Blot the stencil on paper towel in between painting the letters to remove any excess paint and reposition on the line, repeating until the name is complete.
    Draw the egg shapes in with a pencil and paint with Titanium White.
    Dry before commencing the details.
    Add stripes in Trans Magenta, Yellow Light, Brilliant Violet varying the designs.
    The white egg has a washy float of Brilliant Violet around the edges.
    The yellow egg is a mix of Yellow Light and Titanium White
    The multi coloured, striped egg has a Trans Magenta wash on the left hand side.
    The purple egg has a dark wash in the bottom of Brilliant Violet mixed with a little Carbon Black.
    Add the dots using skewer.
    Rule in the lines connecting the letters to the eggs and paint with Carbon Black and the liner brush or black pen.
    You may choose different colours and designs for you eggs.

  3. comment_3_18588

    Serena Agius commented on April 4, 2012, at 5:32 pm.

    Easter Tree & Eggs

    by Ellen Valenton

    The tree stand represents the deeper meaning of Easter. As you can see, it has a star on top like a Christmas tree.
    For Christians, it would mean that Easter is not just for eggs but it symbolises Jesus as well.
    I used Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours for the project. The star was painted with Tiger Lily, Diox Purple and Rose Pink. Then the centre of each section was highlighted with the main colour mixed with Warm White.

    The eggs are decorated with simple, dots, swirls, lines and stars using Blue Lagoon, Tiger Lily, Wild Rose, Diox Purple mixed with Warm White, Marigold and Seedlings and the stem was painted in Vines