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Online Painting Videos & Demos

Many artists are producing videos of their painting techniques and posting them online. Chroma has developed a variety of demonstrations and posted them on our new Media Library, so I encourage you to check them out: Chroma Video Media Library

If you've posted a video somewhere in cyberspace, why not post that link here too? We'd love this thread to be a resource for artists looking for online demos!

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  1. comment_1_6045

    Richard Robinson commented on August 8, 2008, at 7:38 pm.

    MasterClass Oil Painting Lessons - using Archival Oils.

    FREE 30 Minute Video Lesson from Award-Winning Professional Artist Richard Robinson.

    Lesson 1 - Atmospheric Perspective

    "Join me at spectacular Teal Bay in Northland, New Zealand for over 3 hours of painting instruction compressed into an intense 30 minute lesson. Learn how to put REAL depth into your paintings!"

    Level: Beginner to Advanced

    Includes: Lesson Notes (7 page pdf document)
    with lesson transcript, resource photo, photo
    of the finished painting, colour wheel and cutout
    value scale tool.

    Take this lesson now to discover:
    What is Atmospheric Perspective?
    How Atmospheric Perspective actually WORKS!
    Why it is crucial to great landscape painting.
    When to use the simple Seeing Technique.
    How to get your drawing right - Easily.
    How to get your values and colours right.
    Where to begin your painting.
    How to paint Sun Glow!
    How to lay on paint that adds Depth and Life.
    How to apply finishing touches that Sparkle.
    and PLENTY more - all in 30 minutes!!

    Get the Free lesson now:

  2. comment_2_6045

    Richard Robinson commented on August 8, 2008, at 7:41 pm.

    Some Testamonials...

    "Hi Richard. I got a chance to look at your video this morning.
    I think the video is terrific. It's really amazing how much you get into a fifteen minute spot. Honestly, I thought that the speeded up painting would be disconcerting, but took a chance, because the price was so reasonable. But, in reality, it works fine. I would compare it to an in-depth article in a magazine or the chapter of a book in the way it feels to take in the information and the condensation of material. I'm surprised how much I like it. Obviously, because there's so much in the episode, I'll view it again and again because I'm sure I'll pick up new things each time.

    I'd also add that I'm a very experienced painter, but like most artists I know, I am continually looking for more instruction, more information, more stimulation. And, there was actually some new stuff here for me, especially about how to view a scene (not looking into shadows and light, etc.). Maybe it's because you live in another part of the world and say things differently, but it's true. (I live in New York City)

    The pdf is also very helpful and really adds value to the package as a reference tool. Oh, and by the way, I liked the finished painting a lot. It really captures the feeling and spirit of the place.
    Anyway, I'll look forward to more.
    All the best,
    New York, US."

    "Thanks for your Ruakaka Beach Lesson Richard. You packed so much learning in there I've watched it 3 times already and still haven't got it all. Didn't think I could learn so much in 15 minutes! I've bought a lot of painting videos and this is the best of it's kind I've seen and the payment and download were easy. The split screen idea works really well and I found your explanations and tips to be very insightful. The lesson notes were a real bonus too. I'll be working on this for a while but I'm already looking forward to your next lesson.

    Thanks again,
    Bruce Sim
    Waipu, New Zealand."

    "Hi Richard. Thought I would let you know what I thought about your free lesson. I discovered your site Saturday morning and downloaded your free lesson. The technical notes were invaluable and having them so easily accessible was also very helpful - especially for people like us who aren't quite so computer literate.

    I also really enjoyed the lesson - what made it especially good was that it was a painting lesson - not a sightseeing tour or a description of what you were going to do back in the studio. I liked that the whole focus of the lesson (and the camera) was on the painting rather than on you (even though I am sure you are very photogenic). The shots of the colours used and how you mix and lay them out on your palette were also helpful.

    The lesson notes with the tone chart, finished painting and palette of colours was a real bonus.
    All in all I think you have created a very professional lesson and I don't know how you could improve on what you have. Just keep up the good work!

    All the best,
    Lower Hutt, New Zealand"

    "Hi Richard, I've been painting for some time now, paid for lessons, read extensively in other "how-to" publications. I learned more about mixing color in your free lesson than I ever learned from all those other publications. They're either really basic or so vague that they're impractical. I plan on downloading the paid versions real soon. Keep up the good work.

    San Francisco, US."

  3. comment_3_6045

    Jennifer commented on November 13, 2008, at 1:05 pm.

    This Website has some good vidoe demos on it too.
    Thanks to Shane for sending the link in.