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Paint Talk Gallery 2009

The Paint Talk Gallery topic has been extremely popular and I would like to thank everyone who has shared their work with us. The topic has grown so large that I have decide to start a fresh one for 2009, if you have not had a look a last years you can find it by clicking on the following link Paint Talk Gallery 2008

The old gallery topic is closed for comments, please add your new images and comments to the 2009 Paint Talk Gallery.

There are (55) Comments, Comments are now closed for this discussion?
  1. comment_1_6904

    Judith commented on February 20, 2009, at 2:34 pm.

    I used a variety of Jo Sonia Paints & Mediums to make great Art Paper which can be used for many purposes. Card making, scrapbooking, gift making, gift wrap, covering books. The techniques can also be used directly onto surfaces, such as canvas, masonite, mdf, watercolour paper, cardboard etc

  2. comment_2_6904

    Judith commented on February 20, 2009, at 3:39 pm.

    Here are some more examples where I used Jo Sonja paints & mediums for arty crafty work
    Anyone can do this, even non painters, I call it, “HAVING FUN WITH PAINT”
    It entails doing some simple but effective techniques which can be used throughout your painting. These techniques, once learned can inspire you to experiment using them on other surfaces, such as wood, fabric, canvas and other media.
    You get to experiment with colour as you’ve never done before
    Use paints & mediums in a different way & find other uses for them
    Experiment with techniques – it’s fun
    Make your own unique art papers that can be put to great creative use

    The photographs are just a few examples of what I have done while experimenting over time, see what can be acheived with a few simple techniques

    Workshops can be arranged & classes are available, I can be contacted at

    (or will still get through)

    or have a look at other examples of my Decorative Painting (folk/tole art) and some fine art as well

  3. comment_3_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on February 23, 2009, at 3:31 pm.

    Last week I sent an email out to decorative artist's asking them to please share with us some of their work. I have recieved quite a few responses and I will put the images up here.

  4. comment_4_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on February 23, 2009, at 5:02 pm.

    Chris Whipper

    Notes on artworks

    Ladies with Hats (6 Pieces)
    • Craft wood
    • Background colour applied with paint trowel
    • Texture Paste applied on the edges
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours used
    • Varnished using Jo Sonja’s Satin Polyurethane Varnish

    Round Plates (4 Pieces)
    • Inspiration – the original artist of these girls is Alphonse Mucha
    • Craft wood plates
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours used
    • Varnished using Jo Sonja’s Satin Polyurethane Varnish

    Mucha Vase - Ceramic
    • All Purpose Sealer applied first
    • Jo Sonja’s Background Colour used
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours used
    • Jo Sonja’s Clear Glaze Medium used before varnishing
    • Varnished 2 to 3 days after the Clear Glaze. Use Jo Sonja’s Polyurethane Varnish Satin or Gloss. I have used Satin.

    • Two coats of Gesso applied to canvas
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Polyurethane Matte Varnish

    Dutch Floral - Canvas
    • 2 to 3 coats of Gesso
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Absolute Matte paint
    • Jo Sonja’s Clear Glaze Medium used
    • Jo Sonja’s Polyurethane Matt Varnish

    Russian Woman - Canvas
    • Gesso
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Absolute Matte paint
    • Varnished with Jo Sonja’s Matte Polyurethane

    King, Queen, Jack, Ace of Hearts
    • Texture Paste applied with trowel
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours background paints
    • Craft wood blocks
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Polyurethane Varnish used.

    Pomona, Orchard, Lion, Peacock, Rabbit, Fox – Canvases
    • 2 to 3 coats of Gesso.
    • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Polyurethane Varnish used
    • Inspiration – all the paints are William Morris designs, my favourite designer. He had a way of using nature in all of his work.

  5. comment_5_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on February 26, 2009, at 3:38 pm.

    These images were sent in via email by Nanette Hilton

  6. comment_6_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on February 26, 2009, at 3:56 pm.

    This was sent in via email by Barbara Franzreb

    Ellen Stamilio was a beautiful painter and person. She had designed spring, summer, and fall scenes on pantry baskets. The last time I saw her, I asked when she would have a winter/Christmas design out. She said she had some preliminary sketches, but had not done anything with them yet. Unfortunately before she had a chance to paint it, she passed away in 2006.

    As a tribute to Ellen, I painted In Memory of Ellen, which was published in PaintWorks magazine in 2008. I tried to use her style and techniques in the piece and hope she is happy with it. I know she is in heaven, surrounded by the angels she loved to paint, still painting…..

  7. comment_7_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on February 26, 2009, at 4:10 pm.

    These images were sent in via email from Louise Beaulieu (Cha-Lou)

  8. comment_8_6904

    Louise commented on February 26, 2009, at 10:42 pm.

    This is more of a question. Not being too much familiar with blogs, I am writing to see if I am doing this right. I surely want to participate. So after sending this note Iwill see if it works. Help!!! I am surely thrilled that there is a possibility to exchange. It seems that I can not get into reading comments for paint talk 2009.
    I live in Canada and my name is Louise. Thank -you. P.S. maybe my english is not all that good, being that I am french.

  9. comment_9_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on February 27, 2009, at 8:40 pm.

    Here is some work sent through by Ron Baxter, an emerging UK artist who uses Atelier Interactive.....


    I have worked in heavy engineering as a Store man and served my apprenticeship as a Welder in Haverton hill shipyard .I have worked in Holland and Germany and lived in Derby for a few years. I have also worked in residential/day-Care Officer looking after adults with learning difficulties, taught basic living, office, literacy and keyboard skills to school leavers. Moved to Scarborough in 2000 to study Fine Art at Scarborough University Collage achieving a B.A.(Hons) Fine art. Along with others Allan Stuttle, Clive Head, Wendy Tate, Sally Gatie I am a member of Scarborough Painters Group

  10. comment_10_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 3, 2009, at 12:57 am.

    UK artist Bob Hughes sent us this information, which proves "beyond all reasonable doubt", the ability of Atelier Interactive to be re-opened:

    6 months and still unlockable !

    Hi Fraser

    I was clearing some stuff out today when I came across a colour swatch I had prepared but never used for a demo at the Lytham St Annes Art Society last September (as you can see by the date). I was curious to see if the Unlocking Formula would still open up the paint.

    I poured a small amount of the Unlocking Formula onto the swatch and left it for a minute, I them began to rub the area with my finger, to my surprise I was able to rub the paint down to the paper underneath (Saunders Waterford 300lbs). Hmmm now that looks impressive… would it be possible for me to blend another colour into this swatch?. I then squeezed a small amount of Atelier Interactive Titanium White onto the swatch and then left it for a couple of hours (now that should not happen… blending dried paint into six month old paint).

    When I returned the paint had dried hard, I wet the paint to see if it would blend, but nothing happened. I then poured a small amount of the Unlocking Formula, waited for a minute and started to blend the paint with a small brush, again to my surprise the white paint blended with the Cerulean Blue (as you can see in the image below). I then added some water and again it blended.

    The result although not perfect for the painting process (a buttery
    consistency) proves once and for all that the Atelier Interactive Paints can be reworked even after six months.


  11. comment_11_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on March 4, 2009, at 3:49 pm.

    Denise Townsend has sent in the following pictures and information about her prizewinning piece from the Folk & Decorative Artists' Assn of Australia's Awards of Excellence.

    This piece has been painted in the form of Rosemaling (rose painting) which is name given to Norwegian rustic painting of the 18th & 19th Centuries. Roses and acanthus dominate designs.

    There are several different and distinct styles of Rosemaling,with Telemark, Hallingdal, Rogaland, Os, Valdres being the more popular styles.

    This piece in painted in the Telemark style which was influenced by the Rococo style, flowing and asymmetrical with intricate shading and linework. All Rosemaling is strokework painting at its finest. The artist must master the ‘C’ and ‘S’ strokes that comprise the scrolls.

    The wooden (pine) piece is designed in the form of a tine (tina) – a Norwegian lunch box, which has been painted with Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours.

    Denise Townsend

  12. comment_12_6904

    Mikel Wintermantel commented on March 5, 2009, at 12:28 am.

    Hi Jim et al,

    I have been plugging away all winter trying new techniques in Interactive Acrylics. Experimenting with texture using Impasto, Modeling Compound and Thick Slow medium. In person my paintings are almost devoid of thick paint owing to the thin layering technique I use to get luminosity in my work. I have been able to keep that luminosity AND add texture by using the above mentioned products. I have also bought a set of Archival oils and your fat, lean and other mediums to work over the Interactive layers. I like the pigments in your paints so I look forward to seeing how they do compared to the alkyd paints I have used. My latest work reflects the season where I live. Winter.

    Here is a link to my site showing some of these paintings as they progressed layer by layer.

  13. comment_13_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on March 5, 2009, at 4:12 pm.

    Wendy Ness sent us a variety of pictures of her very creative work including some exciting items she has made using recycled op shop finds.

    I love texture and textiles. Over the years I have accumulated a fair stash of old and new laces, doilies and braids, but whilst they are lovely, they are not "fashionable" anymore. They do however make a wonderful textural pattern base when collaged onto other fabrics. I've used the Atelier Impasto Gel to 'glue' the laces to my chosen surface and because it does not bond immediately, it allows me time to adjust the composition. When dry, the entire piece remains very flexible. I have been using my lace collaged book covers for 4 years now and they show no signs of cracking, peeling or lifting. After collaging, I then use as many as 6 layers of paint or as few as 3 depending on the final effect I'm looking for. I've used my Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours which dry fast, have strong colour and give great coverage.

    I made the travel doll for my friend in America. The design depicts myself as the land at the base, dreaming about flying to these destinations. The figurine is made of cloth, stuffed, gessoed and then painted using my Jo Sonja's paints which I applied with layers of dry brushing working from dark to light values. The face and hands were made from Sculpey Polymer Clay and sewn to the body before painting.

    Wendy Ness

  14. comment_14_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 11, 2009, at 3:08 am.

    UK Artist Tony Hogan has supplied some images of his latest works, all created with Atelier Interactive. Tony is a very active tutor, and holds courses using Atelier Interactive across the UK. Tony's website is

  15. comment_15_6904

    Judith commented on March 11, 2009, at 8:35 pm.

    This piece of DECORATIVE artwork would be great for a children's room. It is a design of Carol Sharpe, an artist from Ashmore, you will find her under S on the Chroma teacher's list. I started it years ago at a painting convention in the Grampians when I more bound by painting "neatly." He was put aside with much still to do for many years until now after deciding I wanted to finish painting him - so I tackled him in a casual, loose style of painting which incorporated both decorative & fine art techniques. None of the techniques are difficult & can be done by a beginner who has learned to handle a brush confidently.
    He is painted in JO SONJA acrylic paints & mediums & I worked in both wet on wet & wet on dry. I decided to change some of the original colours & to create some more lost edges but the design is still essentially Carols who designs & paints beautifully as well as teaches
    The plain pine frame is stained. I made a mix of Pthalo Blue & Pthalo Green & Titanium White, added Clear Glaze Medium & used it as one does a stain or liming when dry, I dry brushed a straight mix of the 3 colours onto the stained frame.
    If you live in Queensland & would like to paint with Carol, find her under S on the Chroma teacher's pages.
    To view my artwork go to
    or for more information email me at
    or will also get me

  16. comment_16_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 13, 2009, at 8:42 pm.

    UK artist Nina Pickup kindly sent us some images of works she has created using Atelier Interactive.

    "I certainly am a great fan of the Atelier Interactive paints and have promoted them successfully to both artist friends and students too. Beginners to painting in Acrylics especially find them very easy to use."
    Nina's website is

  17. comment_17_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 13, 2009, at 8:48 pm.

    Mary Smith from Derbyshire, England, sent us some images......

    "I have loved using the Atelier paints and have introduced them to my students during my classes and workshops. The colours are so rich and have such a lovely consistency they are a joy to paint with."

  18. comment_18_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 13, 2009, at 8:52 pm.

    One of our UK teachers, Dave White, specialises in animal commissions, and sent us an image of one of his recent works.

    "Thank you for remembering that I do the animal studies. My reputation has shot up since I saw you and I had an exhibition in the Kennel Club in Piccadilly London over the whole of December and was invited to exhibit at Crufts which is not only the UKs biggest Dog Show but I gather the biggest in the world, so I'm on my bike tomorrow to that!"

  19. comment_19_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 17, 2009, at 8:13 pm.


    I am an artist based in Filby, Norfolk and have fallen in love with Atelier Acrylics.

    I hold classes for 40 students, in a studio in my garden, and I have now introduced 10 of them to these paints, with great success.

    I have attached two of my first paintings using Atelier Interactive.
    Many thanks

    Dee Pozyczka

  20. comment_20_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on March 20, 2009, at 3:19 pm.

    Here are some new artworks from Keith Norris, one of our leading Atelier Interactive teaching artists. To see more of his works visit

    Keith has also made a number of Atelier Interactive demonstration videos which can be found in the video section of the Interactive website:

  21. comment_21_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on March 20, 2009, at 4:40 pm.

    We received these images recently from one of our Australian teachers, Helen Kuster, who creates in many different styles

    As a decorative artist I don't look at trends that much, I am inspired by historical design. Having said that though there have been several occasions when I have painted a 15th century style that others have thought was contemporary, it just goes to show everything comes around again.

    When creating a teaching workshop I will sometimes decide on a technique I want to teach and then work on a suitable design or choose the wood piece and then the appropriate style for that piece. Following a trend limits my options even more.

    The Panel Box and Clock are both teaching projects that have been inspired by the work produced by the Morris Company. When looking at this style I will often study the original watercolour sketches rather than the finished product as these are closely related to the techniques decorative artists use. The workshops were created to teach stroke work.

    The following projects were workshops created to work with texture for different effects. The Deruta Rider is based on a 15th century Italian ceramic style with the background a white gesso texture. The 2 Viking projects are painted with a sponged texture paste surround that is dry brushed with a metallic colour, with the tube texture paste used around the sides of the Viking box to simulate studs. The Green man has a texture paste surround that has been swirled on with a hogs hair brush for a different texture and dry brushed again with different metallic colours.

    The Victorian Plate and Dragon Clock were created to teach light and shade. I have used Victorian ornament to inspire both pieces and limited the palette to 2 metallic colours.

    Many of the pieces I create for workshops end up in my home. I find the many different styles blend together adding a richness to the decor, something I think would be lacking if I was to follow the interior decorating trends of today.

    Helen Kuster

  22. comment_22_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on March 20, 2009, at 5:23 pm.

    Judi Beggs from Queensland has sent in a picture of an apron she has painted using Atelier Interactive.

    I love the colours on the cassowary as they are such a vibrant creature. I used Jo Sonja's Textile Medium with the Atelier Interactive. I also put a coat of Textile Medium onto the fabric first where the design went and then used it in the paint. The Interactives seem to colour much better and I didn't need as many coats. They were a pleasure to work with.

    Judi Beggs

  23. comment_23_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on March 24, 2009, at 3:02 pm.

    Helena Van Der Haar from Victoria has used Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours to create her picture entitled Kimberley Sunset.

    Helena Van Der Haar

  24. comment_24_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on March 24, 2009, at 3:38 pm.

    Here are some images sent in by Margery Allingham from the USA.

    I have been using Jo Sonja's paints for approximately 20 years and also require my students to have them. Before I heard of Jo Sonja's paints I tried many others which were unsatisfactory.

    Marjory Allingham

  25. comment_25_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on March 24, 2009, at 5:16 pm.

    Aurora Spain has been a professional artist since 1995 and is an active member of the Society for all Artists in the UK. She sent us some images of her artwork which are all done in Atelier Interactive.

    Aurora Spain

  26. comment_26_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 27, 2009, at 8:18 pm.

    UK artist Jan Osbond sent us in some of her work:
    "My mixed media demos and workshops using acrylic pastes & gels both with oils and watercolours are in great demand ~ Atelier fits in extremely well.

    At you can see full details about my work in both Fowey, Cornwall and locally here in Nottingham that I hope you will find interesting. I will feature in the SAA May issue of "Paint" in the Painting in Inspirational Places article based on my Du Maurier connection.

    I have a busy year ahead with workshops, demos and courses including an exciting project with the National Trust at Belton House in their new Acitivity/Arts Centre ~ details are available on my website but I would be very happy to send you further details including National Trust projects at anytime."

  27. comment_27_6904

    Just Tracy commented on April 30, 2009, at 11:00 pm.

    Jo Sonjas Creative Possibilities Tutors.

    Hello Everyone My Name is Tracy watkiss, I feel a little out of my depth here as I am a papercrafter Initially. Two years ago I was introduced to the wonderfull Jo Sonjas Acrylic Paints and Mediums. Since then the Wholesaler for the paints in the Uk has passed into the very competent hands of Lynn Courteney of Flutterby Crafts.

    I have been Helping Lynn behind the Scenes building the new "Trade Website". With this in mind we want to help the Creative Possibilities Tutors. Especially in the current economic Climate. We have included a page where we can place your contact details and hopefully be building a members only forum where you can exchange tips, show off your projects and help and guide one anothers businesses. We also Will be adding a blog that we can showcase your work and List your classes to the general public.

    Please feel free to e-mail me at or contact Lynn at Flutterby Crafts tel 01635 860900.

  28. comment_28_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on May 5, 2009, at 8:25 pm.

    UK Artist Tony Hogan e-mailed us (

    "Hi Fraser,
    Hope you have had a good bank holiday rest. Attached are some recent pieces I have done with Atilier Interactive. The piece ' Walk to Bracey Bridge from Kilham' was done for a demonstration to Wakefield Art Society a couple of weeks ago. They are ostensibly a watercolour society but I think I made several converts as I sold some starter sets on the night !
    Best regards,

  29. comment_29_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on May 18, 2009, at 5:19 pm.

    This just came in from Fraser in our UK office.

    UK artist Jeanni Blaxall, is an enthusiastic, innovative freelance artist and graduate teacher of many years’ standing.

    Visit her website here

    She is a huge JS fan, and as part of her commercial activities, runs workshops that are gaining in repute, and certainly don’t fit in the traditional JS mindset……

    Jeanni was commissioned to create a mural for UK Sport. Chroma donated the JS paint, and Jeanni arrived at the Emirates Stadium in North London, with her team of helpers. Also on hand were a number of coaches, athletes and dignitaries from UK Sport, who were involved in the creation of the mural – itself proving to be a great team-building exercise.

    Images of the event are attached.

  30. comment_30_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on May 19, 2009, at 1:01 am.

    Professional Artist D. Mariana Robinson has been inspired to return to acrylics after discovering Atelier Interactive. They are so versatile and can be used using watercolour techniques for blending and glazing or like oils for impressionist marks, palette knife work or scratching out. So whether your subject is a traditional landscape or a modern piece, they give a punchy, bright and professional finish to any painting.

    Mariana is available for tuition in this medium, either teaching group workshops or demonstrations for art groups,or for individuals at her studio in St. Briavels on the England/Wales border. (M4/M5 corridor and South West Gloucestershire).

  31. comment_31_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on May 20, 2009, at 1:03 pm.

    This came in from Fraser in the U.K.

    One of our teachers, Linda Matthews ( , was recently involved in a project for school children in Norfolk. “The Art Week” at Stalham Junior School saw the school take the week off curriculum, and hold 23 workshops in 5 days, with each child participating in 3 of them. The school enlisted Linda to coordinate the special project, which involved each and every one of the 306 children to contribute to painting a large model elephant.

    Inspired by a school visit to see “Umbrellas by Renoir” at the National Gallery, each class painted (using Chromacryl) umbrellas, raindrops or flowers onto paper, which were then pasted onto the elephant using PVA glue. They then embarked on painting the face and the rest of the elephant. The result was marvelous, and is being exhibited at The Forum in Norwich on May 9-10, with a possibility of The National Gallery exhibiting the elephant as well.

    Linda wanted to pass on her thanks for Chroma’s support with materials.



  32. comment_32_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on May 27, 2009, at 2:34 pm.

    This came in from Barbara Andrews from the USA

    B.R.A.T.T.- Barbara R. Andrews Teaches Tole
    Southaven, MS / USA

    I teach using JoSonja paints. I fell in love with the color of Lynne Deptula's "Fall Color Strokework" design. Her original piece was a bowl using bottle paints. I asked permission to change the surface to a plate and create the same colors using JoSonja Paints. Lynne gave her permission and Turn of the Century Woods created this plate especially for the design. I taught the design for Middle Tennessee Decorative Artists' Retreat, Nashville, TN. My students enjoyed the project.

    I also teach classes in color mixing with JoSonja Paints. I travel quite a bit and don't always have room to take a lot of paint with me. I have what I call my travel paints, a set of 6 colors; Napthol Crimson, Turner's Yellow, Sapphire, Cad. Orange, Brilliant Green, and Dioxozine Purple and in addition Carbon Black, Titanium White, Brown Earth and Smoked Pearl, my favorite background colour. With these paints, I can mix and paint anything I want to. I have painted several different surfaces during my travels and really enjoy using and teaching with JoSonja Paints. The images are: Bookmarks1, Fall colour stroke work plate, Small blue green plate and Tulip Fantasy Dark.

  33. comment_33_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on June 1, 2009, at 10:50 am.

    This came in from Fraser in the UK.
    Artist Tony Hogan discusses his use of modelling compound.

    Here is the work I mentioned earlier. This piece is 1 metre square and came about from some earlier experiments on smaller pieces where the style, concept and techniques have been developed.

    You will see from the attachments that the initial stages of building the work up from sketch through application of gesso and modelling paste are critical to the final atmospheric effect of light and movement. The sculpting of the sea with modelling paste creates the structure and movement with far more depth than the sky which is sculptured with gesso, still allowing the fleeting movement of light but in a softer plane. It is imperative that the sculpting is left to be completely dry before any application of the Interactive acrylic.

    At this point the Interactive is critical to achieve the blending of light and tone as can be seen in the early stages of development in the sky. Just to let you know on the day this part was painted outside my studio in our walled Victorian garden it was about 24 degree centigrade with a warm fast drying wind which made it imperative for constant use of the atomizer spray. In fact on a piece of this scale it could not have been achieved without it.

    Unfortunately the stages between the early blending of the sky and the completion where not photographed due to my impatience to keep going when my good wife was not available to photograph the stages. But most of the work is traditional painting. The blending was being left to completely dry before picking out the highlights of water and glazing in the darker tones of the sky.

    I hope you like this work as I for one am very pleased with it and know it could not have been achieved with any other acrylic than Interactive.

    Kind regards,


    p.s. Thanks for supplies received a couple of days ago and much needed.

  34. comment_34_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on June 4, 2009, at 10:24 pm.

    Aurora Spain sent us in these images of her latest creations with Atelier Interactive, including some wonderfully colourful "equine" work....

  35. comment_35_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on June 17, 2009, at 6:21 pm.

    UK Artist Mo Teeuw sent us in these images that she has created using Atelier Interactive. Mo regularly runs workshops in Atelier Interactive, and can be contacted at .

  36. comment_36_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on June 26, 2009, at 7:31 pm.

    Maureen carter sent us her latest Atelier Interactive creation, "Boat on Samos"

  37. comment_37_6904

    Jadie and Lee commented on July 8, 2009, at 10:07 pm.

    Hi all , this is One of our paintings, We are a artist duo that paint together. This is Arylic on canvas

  38. comment_38_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on July 15, 2009, at 7:49 pm.

    Norman Rossiter sent us two of his latest creations using Atelier Interactive......

  39. comment_39_6904

    Dan commented on August 4, 2009, at 9:34 am.

    I recently receive the Chroma Oil paints and did a quick painting with them. I used Chroma acrylics as a ground color and the next day added oil to the painting. With the Cadmium Red I got had a lot of water substance like liquid coming out. Other than that I found Chroma Oils to work very well and even when mix with another brand. Am including two picture, one is the laid out acrylic done with Chroma acrylics and the other is the done piece with Chroma Oils. The subject is the Aztec God of Thunder; Tlaloc.

  40. comment_40_6904

    Serena commented on August 10, 2009, at 5:09 pm.

    I just love the latest two images by Norman Rossiter sent in by Frazer last week.

    The image of the child is specially interesting and sensitive. I love the way the mood is set with the dark background and detailed texture in it. The composition is working well because the viewer is kept outside the picture frame by those small devices between the child and edge of the painting. The effect is gentle and meditative, allowing us to gaze in admiration- the desired effect. The painterliness Norman has achieved in acrylics is great. My only point of concern is that the light contrast with the paint tin seems a bit too strong but then it could just be the photography and image on the net.
    Thanks for sharing that with us Norman.

  41. comment_41_6904

    Jennifer commented on August 10, 2009, at 11:33 pm.

    Great work posted! Dan, I really like the way you approached Tlaloc. It's a little scary - which isn't a bad thing if you are a God of Thunder! You mentioned that Cad. Red had oil on top - was that Cad Red Medium or Cad Red Scarlet? That can happen occasionally with any brand of oil paint, especially cadmiums. I'd squeeze my tube a few times (cap on of course) before I put some on my palette.

  42. comment_42_6904

    Dan commented on August 12, 2009, at 4:41 am.

    Its was the Cad Red regular, it did work out better when all I squeeze all that out. I just finish another painting over the weekend using the same method, acrylic as a base then oil to finish it. Done using Chroma acrylics and oils. The finish one is a bit glossy because the paint is still wet. The Christ painting was meant to be off center and crop differently than usual. Just something for me to practice.

  43. comment_43_6904

    Jan Blencowe commented on September 25, 2009, at 5:50 am.

    It's been a busy plein air painting season for me and after two years of steady use I am more enthusiastic about Interactives than ever before.

    Here are some of my favorites from this summer....

  44. comment_44_6904

    Jadie and Lee commented on October 11, 2009, at 11:21 am.

    Hi all, another new one from us

  45. comment_45_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on October 14, 2009, at 8:05 pm.

    Tony Hogan ( sent us these latest creations using Atelier Interactive (and "....buckets of modelling compound !")

  46. comment_46_6904

    Serena commented on November 2, 2009, at 12:09 pm.

    Hi Jadie and Lee,
    your last post I think shows a successful and eye catching painting.What paint did you use?

  47. comment_47_6904

    Serena commented on November 2, 2009, at 12:21 pm.

    We received these images from Aileen Shaw who lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

    She has been a painter for 30 years and teaches. Aileen has set up her own teaching studio and art gallery and conducts workshops at other art centres.

  48. comment_48_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on November 11, 2009, at 2:39 am.

    We recieved these images from UK artist Denise Allen. Denise regularly holds workshops and demonstrations using Atelier Interactive. Contact her via .

  49. comment_49_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on November 25, 2009, at 8:08 pm.

    Tony Hogan sent us his latest Atelier Interactive creations. Tony is running specialist Atelier Interactive workshops at his studio in East Yorkshire - see for further information.

  50. comment_50_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on January 12, 2010, at 3:04 am.

    With Britain shivering through the worst winter in 30 years, Tony Hogan decided to show some "true grit" (bad pun !) in steadfastly carrying on his Plein Air masterpieces....

    "As Atelier was created in HOT Australia and probably with that temperature range mostly in mind. I thought Chroma might be interested to see how well they operate in sub zero temperatures.
    Today it is 0 degrees centigrade with a bitter north east wind chill factor driving it down to well below freezing.
    So obviously perfect weather to get out and paint!!!!!
    Not able to drive on roads but a 1/4 mile walk round back of my studio across the fields gave me this wonderful view of the village.
    The wind made painting very difficult but the Atelier Interactive worked perfectly.
    By the way a flask of hot coffee liberally laced with scotch is as important as the materials when working in these temperatures."

  51. comment_51_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on January 20, 2010, at 10:05 am.

    This came through from Jeremy Fox-Rayner the other day. Jeremy is an English artist who has specialized in murals but also works as an art tutor.

    Last year he completed this great public commission in, Spain at the the new Ayuntamiento building which is say equivalent to a town hall in the town of Albox, Andalucia. The mural is on a grand scale, measuring 3.66m x 2.44m on the concourse of the building and is painted in Atelier Interactive Acrylics .

  52. comment_52_6904

    Jim Cobb commented on February 10, 2010, at 10:02 am.

    This came in from Aurora Spain in the U.K last week as a tribute to a great entertainer. it is painted with Interactive acrylics with the design based on insect patterns.

  53. comment_53_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 13, 2010, at 2:07 am.

    UK Artist Dave White is garnering a great reputation, in particular his animal portraits, which have seen him the recent subject of a BBC feature. His work will also soon be fetured in SAA's "paint" magazine. Dave sent us in 2 recent "Atelier Interactive" works:
    "I was asked to paint the steps of Montmartre in Paris for the occasion of a first wedding anniversary, - the place where he proposed to her, and in the region of their subsequent honeymoon! The underpainting is a fast dry acrylic and the glazing is in Atelier"

    "Just to give you a little more insight to what I do, the other attachment is to be delivered at this weeks Crufts. "Ayrton" (yes after Senna!) on the far right has just won his class in the Manchester Championship show in January and qualifies him for next years Crufts; Rory is next to him, a rescue who is nervous of strangers because of being mistreated; Sophie who acts like a Princess and finally Maddy on the far left who is a bit of moody dog who falls asleep at the drop of a hat! "

  54. comment_54_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 13, 2010, at 2:30 am.

    UK Artist Richard Larkin produces wonderful seascapes created using Atelier Interactive. Here is Richard "in action" selling his paintings at a local Food Festival, which sounds like a great idea for artists selling their work......

    "The Seafood and Wine festival Sept 09 which was very successful, sold out of the large paintings, and sold a good number of the introductory Interactive sets, and took a number of bookings for the Autumn work shops, which again were very successful with repeat bookings from students who also bought Interactive Acrylic products."

  55. comment_55_6904

    Fraser Kirkwood - Chroma Europe commented on March 18, 2010, at 3:27 am.

    Tony Hogan ( sent us some images of paintings created at his recent (and ongoing) Atelier Interactive workshops......some of which convey the superb winter weather the UK has been having !!