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I thought that visitors to Paint Talk might like a taste of some of Judith White’s art which is currently showing at the Maitland Regional Gallery in NSW, Australia until April 29th 2012. The show is called Judith White- Riverstories: Postcards from the Edge.

Judith white has given us these few images to post here and would be delighted if you want to view her website

On the site are many images of the masterful way White uses transparent layering, building level upon level to create interest. These paintings of semi –abstract landscapes has won this seasoned professional artist a great reputation.

White works on both paper and canvas The works are very subtle, deriving their aesthetic from the water colour tradition, although they are in fact “mixed media” .In actuality the paintings contain only small amounts of water colour. White also uses Atelier Interactive and Chroma paints which are not yet on the market, in her works.

It is difficult to appreciate the watery delicacy of the surface and complexity of detail of these paintings on the computer because the detail is easily lost.on the illuminated screen. I asked Judith to prepare some close up images so you are able to gain inspiration from her techniques . Two of the three images here are details;one from “One figure Touching Water One Watching” and the other from “Man watching figure with Boat”. These full size enlargements can really help the viewer to understand the painting and process much better.

You can also view galleries which show her work from the links on Judith White’s site, if you are interested in acquiring a piece.

Workshops can also be arranged if you are a member of an art group in the area accessible to Sydney. Let us know through this Paint Talk post or marketing

I would also love to see more images from the Paint Talk comminity who use watery layering techniques. You can tell us love about the processes you use and the types of paint and mediums that you find work best for you.

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  1. comment_1_18559

    Jim Cobb commented on May 8, 2012, at 4:33 pm.

    These paintings were done with a trial batch of the new Atelier Fluid acrylics that Chroma is currently developing. For more details see the Paint Talk Articel: