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Using JoSonja on Glass

­ JoSonja Teaching Artist Betty Dowe recently submitted the following article about how she uses JoSonja on glass vases. Her work is beautiful and her techniques are fun!

I have taught Norwegian Rosemaling and stroke work for 29 years. I enjoy using Jo Sonja acrylics because I am able to add various mediums to color for glass and even fabric. After 11 years of painting with oils I had to change due to allergies. Gary Albrecht, VGM, got me started with Jo Sonja acrylics.

When I teach a class of painting on wood, I like to include a fun sponging project on a glass vase. First I have them apply the Glass Primer on a clean vase they bring from home. After teaching the wood project and before the boarder and line work we do the glass project. They use the remaining paint to sponge vase. Just keep line color to a side. I have them add Glass Medium to colors they want to use. It is fun and people begin to enjoy painting on glass. I allow 20-30 minutes which includes clean up and I allow 30 minutes to dry before they take it home.

I like to use 3 values of a color sponging dark at bottom then medium and last light on top. Works well wet on wet, but no problem because can always go back. When dry I like to sponge iridescent color, rich gold or pearl white on the glass project.

Some examples of colors I use to sponge vases or covered jars:

1-Bottom Dark Orange-then Medium Orange-Yellow Orange on top. Dry then sponge stipple with Iridescent Orange.

2-Bottom Dioxazine Purple-then Brilliant Violet-Amethyst on top. Dry then sponge with Violet Iridescent.

3-Blues are great! Sponge Dark Blue all over, then sponge Light Blue lightly here and there. Dry then finish with Iridescent Blue or Pearl White sponged all over lightly.

4-Mixture of equal parts Indian Red Oxide plus Burgundy sponged all over. Dry then sponge with Rich Gold.

I also show examples of how I have put Rosemaling Strokes on a clean vase with Primer. Always use Glass Medium in the paint. I love to paint a Telemark design on a Cobalt Blue Vase using strokes of Titanium White and Pearl White.

Everyone has old clear vases around that they have gotten with flower arrangements. Yard Sales are a great place to get some for 25-50 cents and the Dollar Stores have all sizes and colors. I always have several clear glass containers that have Primer on in my studio ready to sponge. I use my left over paints to sponge covered jars and use for nuts and candy as gifts and drawings. I have taught a sponging class to High School Art classes and scout troops. Think outside the box and you can come up with some great combinations. That is why we are called an artist! Enjoy!