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Young Artist making a stir in the UK

Do you love to paint but struggle to find a really catchy idea or subject? Being drawn to what you love and really finding out about it through research and observation and challenging stereotypes eliminates this issue. Fraser Scarfe is a young man who has put this philosophy into practice. He was inspired by the landscape around him whilst growing up in Lincolnshire and wanted to challenge its common image of being ‘flat and uninspiring’. The way that Fraser works is typical of many successful artists who use drawing as a key element in their practice, allowing them to explore ideas efficiently.

Fraser has always been drawn to painting. Since leaving school in 2005 he devoted his time to the study and practice of art, promoting the beauty of the Lincolnshire countryside. His practice is based upon a strong foundation in drawing and strict observation which aims to capture the energy and dynamism of a place. He then develops his work through paint with a focus on experience of place, and with a view to avoiding the clichés and pitfalls inherent in landscape work.

His work is so engaging that, at the age of 22 He won the “SAA Artist of the Year” award for 2008-09. Following on from his success with the SAA, he won a residency at Lincoln’s famous cathedral. The objective of his residency was to get as many people within the county involved with art as possible. 2009 saw two large community art projects, organised by Fraser in Lincolnshire that brought art to the people.

Fraser’s chosen medium is acrylic paint and he also makes it his business to explode myths and prejudices he finds in the community about the medium. Using Atelier Interactive gives him the freedom he needs to achieve the desired purpose of his work. Fraser also reaches out to people in the painting demonstrations he does, where those watching have often been full of questions.
From a recent Birmingham art show Fraser commented that ‘

'….People seem to have a pre-determined opinion of what acrylic paint is or don’t understand how to go about using it. I think the key words to get them to engage have been versatility and the ability to re-edit. When people have sat down and watched a demo they go away converted ………The ability to re-work the paint still surprises people and as with the demo in Bristol, I was painting some very simple colour blocks both with standard acrylic and interactive and then re-blending the Interactive from dry. This is a very simple exercise but it does show people in clear visual terms what the paint does. “

Participants in Birmingham responded to Fraser that,

‘The paint gives me a so much more freedom to work than I’ve had before’ and
‘This has replaced water colour for me’ – “I (Fraser)like this one!":

“There were a lot of comments of the high quality of the paint both in terms of pigment and consistency and how fun it was to use. It seems that everyone who has tried the paint has been surprised and happy with it which is really nice to hear.”

What techniques have you tried with Atelier Interactive that couldn’t have been achieved with a regular acrylic?

Can you comment on how you use drawing and observation in your work? Do you use paint for drawing? Is the initial choice of medium important for your idea?

Give me your feedback on Interactive or may be I can help answer your questions on the blog.
Don’t forget to check out Fraser’s own website And tell us what you think.

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  1. comment_1_16663

    patartist commented on January 11, 2012, at 12:25 am.

    My name is Pat Calderone. I am a painter.I have worked in many mediums. I was introduced to Atelier Interactive a few years a go and was hooked. I love the versatillity. I teach painting and have been introducing my work to my students. In some cases my work is c ompleted using only the Interactive paints. In some cases it is used as a underpainting for work that becomes mixed with several other mediums. It is fascinating to work with. My paintings feature a bit of fantasy, spirituallity, and surrealism. The glazing and reworkabillity of these paints make them perfect for my subject matter. My paintings can be seen at www,