Informative Guide to using Archival Paints and Mediums, click to view/download PDF.

Unique Benefits Of Archival Oils

The benefits of Archival are so unique that its formulation is patented. It is the only flexible oil paint in the world and offers unsurpassed freedom of technique, fast drying time, paintings that will not crack with age and a safe working environment.
Archival Oils are produced from the finest colour pigments, chosen for their purity, brilliance and performance. 75 colours are available in 40ml 1.3 US fl oz tubes, 120ml 4 US fl oz tubes (Series 1 only) and selected colours in 300ml 10.1 US fl oz cartridges.
The range also includes a comprehensive selection of odourless mediums.

Freedom Of Technique Break the Traditional Oil Painting Rules

As an Archival painting cures, the surface layer stretches to accommodate movement below, allowing the artist to go on and complete their work quickly without harming it, even when complex layering techniques are used. More

Fast Drying Time Don’t Wait For Up To Six Months For Your Oil Painting To Dry

When combined with alkyd based mediums Archival dries quickly on the painting, but it will remain workable on the palette until mediums are added. More

Archival Paintings Will Not Crack Over Time

The flexibility of Archival Oils allows for movement as the painting dries, cures and becomes stable. Age crackling will not happen to paintings done with Archival. More

Odourless Mediums The Healthier Alternative

Archival Odourless Mediums and Solvents evaporate much more slowly than turpentines so that very little vapour is generated during a painting session. Archival Mediums are based on fast drying alkyd resins which out perform ‘traditional’ mediums and are better for health. More

A Professional Artist’s Oil Accessible to Students and Amateurs.

Archival Series 1 has a complete mixing palette of affordable colours, which are highly pigmented and permanent and much more satisfying to use than traditional all-one-price student-grade paints. More


Archival Oils Color Chart