Atelier A2 Lightfast - Heavy Body Acrylic

A New Class of Acrylic Paints: Lightfast One Price Acrylic Artists Colours


  • Atelier A2 is the best acrylic paint in this category.
  • Art students simply do not make progress if they use student grade paints.
  • One price, lightfast artists quality paints are needed, which are less expensive than professional grade paints, so they can be used generously, but they must have the right consistency and enough pigment to allow proper progress to be made. 
  • Being lightfast means that they can be used alongside professional grades when transitioning to Atelier Interactive and professional artists can use A2 “to bulk out” large paintings.
QUESTION: Can a one price artists' acrylic compare with a professional artists' quality colour?
ANSWER: YES! Our Atelier A2 Acrylic most certainly can - and here's why.
  1. All 20 colours can be intermixed with our professional quality colours. Everything is compatible and matched which means you have a real advantage when doing large paintings where lots of colour is needed. Using Atelier A>2 Acrylic for the large acreage saves you heaps.*
  2. All 20 colours have been specially selected to properly teach you important colour mixing skills.*
  3. Using cheap junk paint will severely limit your artistic potential. Because Atelier A>2 Acrylic is so heavily pigmented, heavy-bodied and expressive it will lift your work to a whole new level without breaking the bank. If you have an art teacher they will love you for using it.
  4. Atelier A>2 Acrylic is compatible with our whole range of Painting Mediums, Grounds and Varnishes so you can explore and learn how to get the effects the professional artists use.
All 20 lightfast colours are the same prices so you can buy the quality you need at a student prices.*
All 20 colours in the range have been chosen as the basic needed to be used and understood before exploring more specialised colours.*

Everything you'll learn while using Atelier A>2 Acrylic will nor be lost as you gain more skill


A2 Acrylics Colour Chart


*Australia colours only.  Additional colours available in US  - please click above Colour Range.