Flexabilty is the key to the freedom of technique. Choose Archival Oils Odourless Solvents and Mediums to give you easy control over the painting process.

  • Archival Oils Odourless Solvent

    Archival Odourless Solvent is a general purpose, low toxicity solvent which may be used as a replacement for gum and mineral turpentine to thin paint and clean brushes.

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  • Archival Oils Lean Medium

    Archival Oils Lean Medium is a general-purpose alkyd resin medium. It feels oily, but dries with a low sheen in 24 hours. It Increases flow and transparency.

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  • Archival Oils Fat Medium

    Archival Oils Fat Medium is a syrupy, heavy liquid medium that promotes faster, more thorough drying of oils. Gives great control over detail and has been specially formulated using very…

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  • Archival Oils Classic Medium

    Archival Oils Classic Medium is a very slow drying medium ideal for thinning paint while maintaining a rich, luminous finish when dry. Gives a long manipulation time for over painting…

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  • Archival Oils Flow Gel Medium

    Archival OIls Flow Gel Medium is a liquid/gel that breaks to a fluid when brushed and sets to a non-liquid state when “at rest”, making fluid but non-drip techniques easy…

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  • Archival Oils Texture Gel Medium

    Archival Oils Texture Gel is a variation of Smooth Gel Medium, which contains ceramic beads for a gritty texture to add aesthetic appeal to thickly applied paint.

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  • Archival Oils Smooth Gel Medium

    Archival Oils Smooth Gel Medium is a pasty, alkyd resin medium for impasto painting techniques. It speeds drying and makes paint go further without loss of body or intensity.

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