Grounds are products used to prepare a surface for acrylic painting. Effective grounds should have good adhesion, be flexible, have suitable tooth for overpainting and create a good sealing barrier between the painting surface and subsequent layers of paint. Painting Mediums alter or enhance Atelier Acrylics’ unique formulations. Texture Mediums increase the surface interest and add dimension to a painting. Final Varnishes are used to protect the completed painting and to adjust the surface sheen. If your painting is too shiny or matte, you can correct the surface by choosing the appropriate varnish. For best results, apply an isolation or sealing coat prior to varnishing.

  • Atelier Gesso Primer

    Atelier Gesso Primer is flexible acrylic ground with a high grit content. Use to prepare your surface for oil or acrylic paintings.

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  • Atelier Clear Painting Medium

    Atelier Clear Painting Medium is the most popular medium in acrylic painting. It is used with the paint to dilute the viscosity and blend colours without losing pigment intensity.

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  • Atelier Unlocking Formula

    Atelier Unlocking Formula is an essential additive created to work with Atelier Interactive’s patented formula. When used on an Atelier Interactive painting, artists can reopen a paint layer even after…

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  • Atelier Heavy Gel (Satin)

    Atelier Heavy Gel (Satin) is a very heavy bodied, thick gel which is perfect for artists who want to have a more oil paint-like texture. Artists who use a palette…

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  • Atelier Matte, Satin & Gloss Varnish

    These Atelier water-based varnishes are non-toxic are used on acrylic paintings. Provides a non-removable. non-tacky protective coating when cured.

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