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Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner

Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner is ideal for revitalizing old hard paintbrushes or as a regular cleaner to keep your brushes in perfect condition. This product is made from a special formulation that is designed to break through hardened acrylic, oil or lacquer on natural and synthetic paintbrushes, bringing them back to life. How do you clean your brushes?

  • If cleaning oil or lacquer, rinse brushes in Archival Oils Odourless Solvent then dry with a cloth. If removing acrylic, rinse excess paint with water.
  • Use Incredible Brush Cleaner undiluted, gently working the cleaner back and forward well into the bristles, creating a thick lather of bubbles.
  • Rinse well in lukewarm water to ensure all of the Incredible Brush Cleaner is removed from the bristles and water runs clear.
  • Re-shape the bristles and let them dry.

When shaping round brushes twist and pull the bristles through your fingertips to create a neat point. When shaping flat or filbert brushes pinch and pull the bristles through your fingers to create a crisp edge.

Dry brushes flat surface, ideally with the bristles hanging off the edge of the surface. The edge of a bench or sink works perfectly. This helps with the longevity of the glues at the furrow. Drying upright encourages a buildup of water and soap residue that can deteriorate the glue over time. Never dry your brushes bristle down!

how to clean your brushes

If you have an old brush with bristles that are badly out of shape, you can use Incredible Brush Cleaner to reshape the bristles.

How to reshape your brush:

  • First, wash the brush with the Incredible Brush Cleaner then rinse.
  • Reapply the cleaner, work into a lather.
  • Reshape the bristles
    • Round Brushes – Pinch and twist the bristles in your fingers to form a point.
    • Flat Brushes (filbert, dagger, bright, rake) – Pinch and pull the bristles to create a chiselled edge.
  • Let dry on a horizontal surface for 24 hours with the cleaner on the left in the brush.
  • After at least 24 hours, rinse the cleaner out with water, re-shape and your brush is ready to use!

Incredible Brush Cleaner is specially designed for cleaning and preserving natural and synthetic brushes. It even removes dried paint that’s years old!

Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner

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