Texture Mediums add dimensional interest to your painting. Mix with your paint, apply paint on top or apply on top of paint – these mediums, all with different viscosities, help you express yourself in a variety of ways.

  • Atelier Heavy Gel (Gloss) [formerly Impasto Gel]

    A thick, water-based, glossy acrylic gel designed to exaggerate structure and sharpen textural edges of the paint in acrylic painting.

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  • Atelier Moulding Paste [formerly Modelling Compound]

    A very thick, textural paste used for exaggerated structure.

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  • Atelier Regular Gel (Matte & Gloss)

    Atelier Regular Gel is an acrylic gel with a smooth buttery consistency. Use as a paint extender to adjust gloss and transparency without altering consistency as well as for subtle…

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