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Chroma Kidz Washable

Join us in creating an OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD artwork! Explore the world of texture and possibilities with a mixed-media collage painting. Learn how to create a composition in collage form and use various materials and paint on canvas. The theme for this artwork is Space Aliens. Get your imagination into gear as we create some silly, extraterrestrial beings!

Children should be given a variety of visual references for aliens, spaceships, stars, and planets for inspiration.


This project presents two objectives: (1) Students will draw spaceships, planets and Aliens, to familiarise themselves with shapes, lines, textures, and repetitive patterns that are found in space. (2) There is also an opportunity for students to ‘view, think and interpret’ their findings by imagining (in this instance) space as a ‘Magical Place’ that will encourage them to broaden their visualisation skills and creativity with an element of fantasy in the mix.


Step One

Cut recycled materials into a variety of shapes: some large, which will make for great Alien bodies, and some small for eyes and various limbs.

If you are teaching a large group, consider preparing materials the day before and displaying them in boxes of different sizes.

Step Two

Place the canvas flat on the table and choose a large shape that will be the Alien’s body. 

Next, consider how many eyes your Alien will have and pick out the appropriate amount of pre-cut circle shapes. Note: No one (that we know of) has seen an alien so they could potentially have any shaped eyes, a circle is just a starting point!

Imagine what kind of textures and shapes the limbs of the Alien will be and pick out materials and shapes accordingly. 

Spend time experimenting with different arrangements of the recycled materials until you are happy with the composition of your Alien.

Step Three

Using Chromacryl Binder and a brush, glue down each shape to the canvas. Be sure to use plenty of Binder Medium, covering the canvas and the back of the recycled material shape.

Let Dry.

Step Four

Once dry, paint the entire canvas with Chromacryl Gesso. Use a large paintbrush and spend time working the gesso into each detail. 

Let Dry.

Step Five

Using Chroma Kidz Washable Fluoro Paint, colour each part of the canvas. Use big blocks of colour for each part of the picture.

Set aside to dry. Chroma Kidz Washable Fluoro Colours glow under a UV blacklight, so turn out the lights and view your work of art under a black light!

Enjoy the easy soap and water clean up of our washable paints!

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