• Chroma 2 Washable 12 Bottle Set

Chroma 2 Washable 12 Piece Set

  • Chroma 2 Washable 12 Piece Set

    This Chroma 2 Washable Tempera 12 Piece Set delivers strong colors and thick creamy body while at the same being washable! No longer do you need to accept washable paints lacking in color and intensity. Also works great for silk screen and printing. Set contains 12 x 16.9 US fl oz (500ml) bottles of White, […]

  • Characteristics
    Brilliant, creamy tempera paint
    Washable and cleans up beautifully off hands and fabric!
    AP-approved, non-toxic
    Also available in 16.9 US fl oz and 1/2 gallon bottles
  • Techniques
    Painting without the mess
    Works on paper, cardboard, paper-mache
    Excellent for printmaking since the screens and plates wash up so easily

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