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Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Medium (Part B)

  • Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Medium (Part B)

    Use Chroma’s Jo Sonja Glass and Tile Medium with Chroma’s Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic for painting on glass, glazed ceramics and enamel.

  • Characteristics
    Mix with Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic to paint on glass, tile and enamel
    Do not dilute with water
    AP-approved non-toxic
    Clean up with soap and water
    Available in 250ml bottles
    Approx. coverage: 1 oz = 2 sq ft
  • Techniques
    Apply a liberal coat of Chroma’s Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Medium to area to be painted and allow to dry. (This step is optional, however will promote better adhesion of painted design to surface). For maximum adhesion, there must be adequate Glass & Tile Medium in contact with the surface.
    Thoroughly mix colour with Glass & Tile Medium beginning with a ratio of 1 part Chroma’s Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic to 3 parts medium.
    Use Glass & Tile Medium in the brush for floated color and glazing. Do not dilute with water or other mediums. The addition of other mediums may decrease the adhesion of paint to the surface. Rinse brush when paint begins to drag. Dress brush in a small amount of Glass & Tile Medium and pinch wipe to remove any traces of water.
    To reduce transparency, layer colour or decrease ratio of medium to colour. If medium is decreased or for increased durability, apply two coats of Glass & Tile Medium over painted area when complete. Dry well between each layer. Do NOT use a hair dryer to speed drying.
    To heat set:: Place decorated articles in a cold domestic oven and set temperature to 165°C or 330°F. (155°C if gas or fan forced.) When temperature is reached, maintain for at least 45 minutes. DO NOT REMOVE UNTIL COOLED. (NB: A hair drier is not suffi cient to heat cure article.) Varnish after heat setting.
    Allow painted items to cure for a minimum of two weeks before use.
    For maximum durability, finish with 1 to 3 coats of Chroma’s Jo Sonja Polyurethane Water Based Gloss, Satin or Matte Varnish.
    While remarkably durable, this system is for decorative purposes only. Carefully hand wash and avoid harsh abrasives or chemicals.
    Caution: Not intended for use in food contact applications. Avoid using cadmium colors on food related items.
    If tiling, do not grout over painted design.

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