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If you are looking to add some pizazz to your fall decor, why not use some Jo Sonja Gold Dust? Using a craft store paper mache pumpkin, some gesso, 4 tube colors of Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic, and Jo Sonja Gold Dust, you can paint a pumpkin that will sparkle in the pumpkin patch!

Jo Sonja pumpkin with Gold Dust


Step 1

Gesso your pumpkin with Jo Sonja Gesso Primer in White. If you don’t have gesso, you can seal it with Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer. We like the Gesso because it provides a bright white surface. Let air dry, or use a hair dryer for surface drying.

pumpkin with Jo Sonja Gesso

Step 2

Paint your pumpkin using Jo Sonja Yellow Orange. Use a flat brush and apply with a slip-slap brushstroke. Let dry to tacky.

paint a pumpkin

Step 3

Use just a little bit of Jo Sonja Norwegian Orange, and apply to the creases of the pumpkins to darken and blend.

Jo Sonja Norweigian Orange on a pumpkin

Step 4

Using a slip-slap brushstroke and blending, apply a bit of Jo Sonja Pyrrole Orange to the widest part of the pumpkin ridges as a bright orange highlight. If you haven’t painted the stem yet, paint it orange.

Step 5

If desired, use a slip-slap brushstroke and apply touches of Jo Sonja Lustrous Gold for metallic shine around the pumpkin. Let dry.

pumpkin painted with jo sonja lustrous gold

Step 6

Apply Jo Sonja Gold Dust as a top coat over all of your pumpkin. Gold Dust provides an allover sparkle with its fine gold glitter that doesn’t flake off. Gold Dust has a milky color on application but dries clear.

Pumpkin with Jo Sonja Gold Dust

Step 7

Paint the stem using Jo Sonja Green Oxide. When tacky, mottle it with Jo Sonja Yellow Orange for a cohesive, natural look.

Display your pumpkin and enjoy your holiday decoration!

Jo Sonja pumpkin painted with Gold Dust

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