• 3175 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - Golden Oak_1080x1920 tube
  • 3171 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - Mahagony_1080x1920 tube
  • 3176 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - Maple_1080x1920 tube
  • 3178 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - Danish Pine_1080x1920 tube
  • 3172 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - Walnut_1080x1920 tube
  • 3170 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - Pickling White_1080x1920 tube
  • 3174 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - Fruitwood_1080x1920 tube
  • 3179 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - Jacobean Oak_1080x1920 tube
  • 3173 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - English Walnut_1080x1920 tube
  • 3177 - 4 oz Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gel - Cherry_1080x1920 tube

Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gels

  • Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gels

    Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gels are manufactured using transparent pigments to lightly colour the surface without the ‘milking or hazing’ associated with the use of opaque colors.

  • Characteristics
    10 transparent wood stain gels
    Mix with Chroma's Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic to create custom shades
    Great for faux finishing effects like Faux Bois, Burl or Vinegar Graining
    AP-approved non-toxic
    Clean up with soap and water
    Hair dryer my be used to speed surface drying
    available in 4 US fl oz (120ml) tubes
    Approx. coverage: 1 oz = 2 sq ft
  • Techniques
    On porous surfaces, prepare for staining by appyling one coat of Clear Glaze Medium to assure even absorption of the stain including cut edges. Sand when dry. Non-porous surfaces require light sanding for surface preparation.
    Apply stain using a brush appropriate for surface size. Dress the brush in a small amount of Retarder. Pick up Wood Stain Gel and blend together well on the palette. This is recommended to extend the working time and will also increase the transparency of the color. Several light coats are recommended and easier to control than a heavy application.
    Brush onto the surface and use a soft, lint free cloth to remove excess stain or even out the layer as desired. Allow to dry well. Drying may be accelerated using a hair dryer and cool air. To deepen colour, repeat stain application as soon as the previous coat has dried. Alternate colors for rich color and depth.
    Edges of color may be deepened by colour glazing or antiquing with Retarder as needed.
    Wood Stain Gels may be used for antiquing or Faux Finishes. A barrier coat of Clear Glaze Medium may be applied if desired to protect the painting and extend the open time of the antiquing or Faux Finish.
    For a pickled or aged patina, Pickling White Gel may be tinted with colour and used as antiquing.
    Color may dry slightly dull. Varnish application will return the vibrancy to your colors.

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