Mediums Starter Kit

  • Mediums Starter Kit

    The Jo Sonja Medium Starter Kit contains 6 x 2 US fl oz (60ml) bottles of All Purpose Sealer, Clear Glaze Medium, Retarder Medium, Magic Mix, Polyurethane Water Based Satin Varnish, Brush Soap & Conditioner.

  • Characteristics
    Set contains 6 of the most popular Jo Sonja Painting Mediums
    Preparation, Painting, Varnishing and Clean Up all in a box
    Open stock mediums available in 8 US fl oz (250ml) and 16 US fl oz (500ml) bottles
  • Techniques
    Use Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer for surface preparation and to provide maximum adhesion of paint to surface. May be used alone or mixed with paint to provide a one-step preparation to seal any surface.
    Use Jo Sonja Clear Glaze Medium as a light sealer for surface preparation or apply between layers as a barrier coat during painting. Can also be used as a medium for glazing and floating color.
    Jo Sonja Retarder Medium is used to extend the “open” or drying time of paint for special techniques such as antiquing or in hot, dry conditions.
    Jo Sonja Magic Mix is a light sealer containing an extender for a longer ‘open’ or blending time. Use as a substitute for water.
    Jo Sonja Satin Polyurethane Water Based Varnish provides a protective coating of exceptional toughness for indoor and outdoor use.
    Jo Sonja Brush Soap and Conditioner superb soap for cleaning and maintaining fine natural or synthetic fibre brushes. Returns essential oils to the hair and bristle so elasticity is maintained.

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