• 100ml-Archival-Fat-Medium
  • 500ml-Archival-Fat-Medium

Archival Oils Fat Medium

  • Archival Oils Fat Medium

    Archival Oils Fat Medium is a syrupy, heavy liquid medium that promotes faster, more thorough drying of oils. Gives great control over detail and has been specially formulated using very low odor solvents.

  • Characteristics
    Glossy, syrupy, heavy medium
    Good for all-day painting
    Available in 3.3 US fl oz (100ml) and 16.9 US fl oz (500ml) bottles.
  • Techniques
    Great for rich, glowing glazes
    Use for fine detail at any stage of a painting
    Mix with any Archival Medium to add gloss

Private: Archival Artists’ Oils Tutorials

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