Chromacryl Fluid Acrylic

  • Chromacryl Fluid Acrylic

    Chromacryl Fluid Acrylic offers 16 beautiful matte colors. These fluid paints dry to a velvety finish and are ideal for so many different techniques and applications.

  • Characteristics
    AP-approved, non-toxic
    Fluid consistency allows for a variety of creative techniques
    Dries to a velvety, matte finish
    16 colors
    Available in convenient 8.4 US fl oz (250ml) bottles
  • Techniques
    Use straight from the bottle for fine detail techniques such as lettering and calligraphy, illustration, posters, signs, papier-mâché, general school projects and more
    Thin with water for washes and watercolor effects
    Self-leveling quality make it ideal for drawing over with markers, pens or pencils
    Use in mixed media projects, altered books and art journaling

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