Liquid Washable Watercolor

  • Liquid Washable Watercolor

    Chroma’s Liquid Washable Watercolor provides easy-to-use, brilliant liquid watercolor paint in this 12 x 2 US fl oz set! Set contains Black, Blue, Blue Green, Coral, Fuschia, Green, Purple, Orange, Red, Red Violet, Turquoise, and Yellow.

  • Characteristics
    Brilliant color
    AP-approved & non-toxic
    * Some colors may stain.
    Available in a convenient 12 x 2oz set and 8.4 US fl oz (250ml) bottles
  • Techniques
    Use for all watercolor techniques such as washes and layering
    Great for wet-in-wet effects
    Can also be used for mixed media, art journals, calligraphy and more

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