• Jo Sonja Potting Shed
  • Jo Sonja Potting Shed Set

Jo Sonja Potting Shed Collection Set

  • Jo Sonja Potting Shed Collection Set

    The Jo Sonja Background Potting Shed Collection Set is inspired by the colors of the garden. Perfect for one-step basecoating, this 12 x 20 US fl oz (60ml) set contains Mouse, Mustard Seed, Marigold, Geranium, Claret Rose, Seedling, Vines, Cornflower, Raindrop, Stillwater, Wild Grape, and Blackberry.

  • Characteristics
    12 x 2 US fl oz (60ml) bottles
    Specially formulated to provide one-coat coverage on most surfaces
    Makes basecoating easier
    ASTM rated pigments for lightfast colors
    Also available in open stock 6 US fl oz (177ml) bottles
  • Techniques
    One-step basecoating to smooth out imperfections
    Loaded brushing
    Fine art

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