Varnishing your work is the last step of the painting process. Varnishing helps to provide a more durable coating on your objects, protecting and preserving the for years to come.

  • Jo Sonja Polyurethane Water Based Varnishes

    Jo Sonja Polyurethane Water Based Varnishes provide a protective coating of exceptional toughness for indoor and outdoor use. These quick drying formula varnishes are non-yellowing, have beautiful brushability and dry…

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  • Jo Sonja Decoupage Varnish

    Jo Sonja Decoupage Varnish is a heavy-bodied version of Gloss Varnish for artists who wish to finish their projects with a thick, lacquer-like coating. It has been specially formulated for…

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  • Jo Sonja Brush Soap & Conditioner

    Jo Sonja Brush Soap and Conditioner superb soap for cleaning and maintaining fine natural or synthetic fibre brushes. Returns essential oils to the hair and bristle so elasticity is maintained.

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