Atelier Acrylics are premium, innovative, fine arts paint brands. Lightfast and archival, Atelier Acrylics are available in a range of viscosities, and each line has its own unique working properties allowing artists to express themselves in limitless creative ways. Atelier Mediums enhance or alter the basic properties of the paint, providing ways to expand and increase the fun of painting.

Atelier Interactive Artists’ Acrylic: a heavy-bodied paint, with a buttery feel, that offers artists unsurpassed control over the painting process when used with Atelier Painting Mediums. Simply decide the consistency (thin, middle or thick) and/or dry time needed for your technique and then choose the medium that helps you achieve your goal.  Atelier Mediums are described as being on a “viscosity ladder” from thin to thick, and the Atelier Mediums work with Atelier Interactive’s patented formula so you can extend the wet-blending time of the paint if desired, including reactivating touch dry layers, when used with Atelier Unlocking Formula.

Atelier Free Flow Artists: Acrylic: the most fluid, vivid, matte artists’ acrylic in the world. Use straight from the bottle or dilute with water for greater transparency. Atelier Free Flow dries to a rich matte finish with a velvet sheen that seems to glow from the inside. An exciting substitute for gouache, watercolor or ink, it’s perfect for washes and glazes, mixed media pieces, art journaling, illustration, gestural painting, quick studies, and much more.

Atelier A2 Lightfast Heavy Body Acrylic: a heavy bodied, lightfast, one price paint. Build confidence in paint handling because it works like a professional artists’ acrylic and because of the low price. Atelier A2 dries to an attractive low gloss finish and retains brush marks, emphasizing color brilliance and luminosity. There is simply no better combination of quality and value available.

  • Atelier Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylic

    Atelier Interactive Professional Artists’ Acrylic has the rich, buttery consistency and brilliant color that artists love. Perfect for impasto, textural and glazing techniques, these lightfast paints offer artists unsurpassed control…

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  • Atelier Free Flow Artists’ Acrylic

    Atelier Free Flow is a wonderfully fluid artists’ acrylic that has amazing coverage, spreadability and simply “flies off the brush.” With intense pigment load, vivid color intensity and drying to…

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  • Atelier A2 Lightfast Heavy Body Acrylic

    Atelier A2 Lightfast Heavy Body Acrylic provides artists with a fantastic, lightfast acrylic at a great single price point. Build your confidence in paint handling without breaking your budget.

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