Use Jo Sonja Mediums for a variety of techniques from traditional folk art such as rosemaling and strokework to fine art acrylic painting techniques such as glazing and for textiles.

  • Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer

    Use Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer for surface preparation and to provide maximum adhesion of paint to surface. May be used alone or mixed with paint to provide a one-step…

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  • Jo Sonja Clear Glaze Medium

    Use Jo Sonja Clear Glaze Medium as a light sealer for surface preparation or apply between layers as a barrier coat during painting. Can also be used as a medium…

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  • Jo Sonja Gel Retarder

    Jo Sonja Gel Retarder delays the drying time of paint without thinning it, allowing for the blendability of oils with the ease of acrylics.

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  • Jo Sonja Brush Soap & Conditioner

    Jo Sonja Brush Soap and Conditioner superb soap for cleaning and maintaining fine natural or synthetic fibre brushes. Returns essential oils to the hair and bristle so elasticity is maintained.

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  • Jo Sonja Fast Drying Glaze Medium

    Jo Sonja Fast Drying Glaze Medium can be used as a light sealer, for basecoats and as a general, matte painting medium.

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  • Jo Sonja Flow Medium

    Jo Sonja Flow Medium is added to Chroma’s Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic and Background Colours and other Chroma’s Jo Sonja Mediums for thinning as needed for paint application or…

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  • Jo Sonja Gesso Primer

    Jo Sonja Gesso Primer is a flexible acrylic ground with a smooth to medium grit content that provides a ‘tooth’ on which to paint.

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  • Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Primer (Part A)

    Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Primer (Part A) is used to prepare glass, tile and enamel prior to painting. Use with Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Medium (Part B).

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  • Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Medium (Part B)

    Use Jo Sonja Glass and Tile Medium with Chroma’s Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic for painting on glass, glazed ceramics and enamel.

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  • Jo Sonja Gold Dust

    Jo Sonja Gold Dust is a clear gel containing tiny light reflecting particles with the brilliance of rich gold.

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  • Jo Sonja Kleister Medium

    Jo Sonja Kleister Medium is a semi-transparent medium that provides extra body for textural patterns for faux finishes such as wood graining and faux bois.

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  • Jo Sonja Magic Mix

    Jo Sonja Magic Mix is a light sealer containing an extender for a longer ‘open’ or blending time. Use as a substitute for water.

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  • Jo Sonja Opal Dust

    Jo Sonja Opal Dust contains tiny light reflecting, holographic particles that create an interplay of colors reminiscent of rare gems.

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