• 4929 - 250ml Atelier Unlocking Formula

Atelier Unlocking Formula

  • Atelier Unlocking Formula

    Atelier Unlocking Formula is an essential additive created to work with Atelier Interactive’s patented formula. When used on an Atelier Interactive painting, artists can reopen a paint layer even after it is touch-dry for blending, edge feathering and more.

  • Characteristics
    Interactive additive – it will increase Atelier Interactive’s working time when applied with the Fine Mist Water Sprayer
    Isopropyl alcohol based – evaporates from the surface quickly, allowing you to get back to layering and standard acrylic painting techniques
    Great for mixed media and experimental artists who want to work up and down layers like oil painters
    Available in 8.4 US fl oz (250ml), 33.8 US fl oz (1L) and 1 Gallon (4L) bottles
  • Techniques
    Use to reopen tacky and/or touch-dry layers to facilitate wet-in-wet blending and edge feathering
    Use to remove troublesome, uncured paint passages instead of overpainting
    Use for tonal control when matching wet and dry color

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