Proper preparation of a painting surface is a key facor to a successful project. From wood to canvas to cork to glass, there is a Jo Sonja Medium to prepare the surface.

  • Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer

    Use Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer for surface preparation and to provide maximum adhesion of paint to surface. May be used alone or mixed with paint to provide a one-step…

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  • Jo Sonja Gesso Primer

    Jo Sonja Gesso Primer is a flexible acrylic ground with a smooth to medium grit content that provides a ‘tooth’ on which to paint.

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  • Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gels

    Jo Sonja Wood Stain Gels are manufactured using transparent pigments to lightly colour the surface without the ‘milking or hazing’ associated with the use of opaque colors.

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  • Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Primer (Part A)

    Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Primer (Part A) is used to prepare glass, tile and enamel prior to painting. Use with Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Medium (Part B).

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  • Jo Sonja Cork Sealer

    Use Jo Sonja Cork Sealer to seal most porous surfaces in preparation for painting. Ideal for providing long lasting protection for decoys by reducing chipping and degradation of the cork.…

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