• 4762 - 250ml Atelier Heavy Gel Satin

Atelier Heavy Gel (Satin)

  • Atelier Heavy Gel (Satin)

    Atelier Heavy Gel (Satin) is a very heavy bodied, thick gel which is perfect for artists who want to have a more oil paint-like texture. Artists who use a palette knife or brush for increased contrast and painterliness will like this medium because it is so easy to mix in.

  • Characteristics
    Ladder medium
    Heaviest medium on Chroma’s viscosity ladder scale
    Dries to a natural color
    Dries to a satin sheen like the paint
    Available in 8 US fl oz jars
  • Techniques
    Impasto, oil-like marks
    Good for acrylic transfers
    Use with brush or knife

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