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Chroma Mural Paint Metallic Set

  • Chroma Mural Paint Metallic Set

    This collection of colors includes metallic shades with a lustrous finish, and 2 Special FX mediums to add sparkle or prismatic shimmer to any indoor project. This 6 x 16 US fl oz set contains Rock Star, Glam Rock, Encore, Backstage Pass, Special FX Pixie Dust, and Special FX Disco. Note: Special FX mediums should […]

  • Characteristics
    6 x 16 US fl oz set
    Bright, mixable colors
    Note: Special FX Mediums should be used indoors only.
  • Techniques
    Liquid paint, perfect for concrete, brick and other textured surfaces
    For best results, seal the surface prior to painting and varnish once cured

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