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For over 55 years, Chroma has manufactured paint for creators, no matter the art, style, skill level, or technique. Our commitment to artists of all ages is evident in our portfolio of global brands, proudly made in the USA.

Chroma Craft Colors spring

Chroma Craft Colors

Introducing our new line of Chroma Craft Colors, featuring an assortment of lightfast, bold and vibrant acrylic craft paint that will bring your creative projects to life! Featuring 72 on-trend colors, including metallics and neons, in 2 US fl oz (60ml) bottles, select 8 US fl oz (250ml) bottles and sets. Available now!

72 brilliant, lightfast colors*

Use for paper, wood, canvas, terra cotta and more

Easy soap and water clean up

*Neon Colors are not lightfast

Liquid Washable Watercolor

Chroma Liquid Washable Watercolors

With 15 vivid hues available in convenient 2 US fl oz (60ml) bottles, 8 US fl oz (250ml) bottles and a compact 12-color 2 US fl oz set, Chroma Liquid Washable Watercolors offer a rainbow of possibilities for young artists to explore. Available now!

Brilliant, mixable color

Washable off of hands and most fabrics.

Use for all techniques such as washes, layering and wet-in-wet

Great for mixed media, art journals, calligraphy and more

* Due to the brilliant colors, some colors may leave a residual stain.

Chroma Modular rack

Chroma Modular Rack System

Introducing Chroma’s new Modular Paint Rack System, designed to optimize how you organize and display a wide variety of Chroma paints. Available now!

Chroma Craft Colors

Chroma Glitter Paint

Chromatemp Artists’ Tempera

Chroma Mural Paint

Liquid Washable Watercolors

Molten Metals Metallic Acrylic

Chromacryl Fluid Acrylic

Jo Sonja Premium Metallics, Pearlescents, Iridescents & Mediums

Each shelf holds 12 x 2 US fl oz bottles (6 each) or 8 x 8 US fl oz bottles (4 each)

Each rack features a slot for a customized header

Hand-painted, customized rack strips with barcodes for easy color/product identification

Shelves securely interlock without the need for tools

Chroma Mural Paints New Colors

Chroma Mural Paint

Introducing the newest additions to our Chroma Mural Paint line! Our latest release includes a range of exciting neon, pastel, brights, and metallic colors, as well as special FX, that are sure to make your artwork shine. Available now!


Created for indoor and outdoor murals

Lightfast, water and weather-resistant

Liquid paint, perfect for concrete, brick and other textured surfaces


*Neon/Metallic/Special FX colors are recommended for indoor use only

exploding paint head


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