• 40ml Archival Oils Brilliant Magenta tube
  • A Crisp Morning Light by Colley Whisson

Archival Professional Artists’ Oils

  • Archival Professional Artists’ Oils

    Archival Professional Artists’ Oils are the only patented oil in the world offering unsurpassed painting freedom, allowing long term flexibility and a safer working environment due to our odourless mediums and solvents.

  • Characteristics
    76 professional quality colors
    Lightfast, permanent pigments
    Compatible with low-odour Archival Mediums
    Remain flexible when dry, allowing for freedom of fat-over-lean
    Refined oil base
    Available in 1.35 US fl oz (40ml) tubes with selected Series 1 colors available in 4 US fl oz (120ml) tubes
  • Techniques
    Flexible paint - paint in any way you choose
    Lean layers over fat layers are now possible without fear of cracking
    Dries quickly for fast painting
    The "rules" are simple: stabilize thick, impasto paint by mixing with Archival Smooth Gel or Texture Gel; and do not paint fast drying layers over layers made with Archival Classic Medium.

Private: Archival Artists’ Oils Tutorials

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