Choosing a medium is easy with when you use the Atelier Mediums:  simply decide what viscosity and/or dry time you need, and then choose the medium.  Chroma’s newest Atelier Ladder Mediums are on a viscosity ladder scale from thin to thick, with some also increasing the wet blending time of Atelier Interactive.  These mediums are the result of years of research and provide a very simple way of gaining control over the acrylic painting process.

  • Atelier Thin Medium

    Atelier Thin Medium is a flow aide. Its liquid viscosity is useful for thinning paint for techniques such as fine detail work, glazes, or airbrush application.

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  • Atelier Middle Medium

    This new medium expands and advances on the formula of the popular Clear Painting Medium. It is used to lubricate the painting process but has a mid viscosity for spreading…

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  • Atelier Thick Painting Medium

    Atelier Thick Painting Medium has a very juicy paint-like viscosity useful for impasto, wet-in-wet techniques. It should be used when you want a more painterly style and want to blend…

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  • Atelier Heavy Gel (Satin)

    Atelier Heavy Gel (Satin) is a very heavy bodied, thick gel which is perfect for artists who want to have a more oil paint-like texture. Artists who use a palette…

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  • Atelier Holding Medium

    Atelier Holding Medium bodies Atelier Free Flow and Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic for a thicker, more controlled, painterly application.

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