We believe that every person is an artist, and Chroma makes acrylics and temperas that help children and beginning artists of all ages express this essential truth. All our products are AP-approved, non-toxic and not tested on animals, so you can feel good about using them. Check out some of our project-based videos, explore our products and our site!

Collage For Children

In this video, Raquel Redmond from Brava Art Press presents her lesson, Collage for Children: Art Inspired by Eric Carle. This collage project is influenced by the work and process of Eric Carle, author and llustrator of many children’s picture books.

Collage is an art activity that children love. This project gives the students the opportunity to prepare their own papers, engaging in painting and decorating paper, cutting, gluing and creating an image involving shapes. Raquel uses Chroma Kidz and Chroma 2 Washable Tempera in this project, but teachers and parents can also use paints such as Chromatemp Artists’ Tempera or Chromacryl Students’ Acrylic in this project.

Collage For Children

Klimt Kids

In this video, Chroma’s Artist in Residence Jennifer VonStein presents a start to finish kids’ project inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt. Using Chromacryl Students’ Acrylic, Chroma Molten Metals Metallic Acrylic and Chroma Glitter Paint, she creates a self-portrait full of luster, color and pattern. This project provides students with the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the Art Nouveau movement as well as learn about the artistic process by studying Klimt’s “unfinished” works. Using Klimt’s portraits as inspiration, students will create a portrait or self-portrait that uses personal symbols for patterns while using metallic and glitter paint to replicate Klimt’s “Gold Period” paintings.

Klimt Kids

The Urban Landscape

Chroma presents Raquel Redmond from Brava Art Press and her kids’ art lesson, The Urban Landscape. Using Chroma 2 Washable Tempera Paint, this project is inspired by the shapes and lines found in city maps. It provides the student with the opportunity to express ideas about their cities or towns, exploring the different shapes created by the division of the land into suburbs, neighborhoods and small blocks. The divisions of straight and winding lines created by the streets, the rail lines, the undulating lines of rivers and streams that cross and weave their way through some cities, and the irregular shapes of parks set in amongst it all, become elements in the final, imaginative design.

Urban Landscape

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