We hope these lesson plans inspire you to be creative with Chroma!

painting of penguin and aurora borealis australis


The Aurora Borealis in the Arctic, and the Aurora Australis in the Antarctic, often shimmer in the dark polar skies. By studying the science behind these phenomena along with the animals that have adapted to conditions in these regions, students can engage in a creative STEAM exploration.

paper mache sculpture black light glow


Inspired by Meow Wolf’s amazing art installations, students will craft paper-mache sculptures painted with neon colors that glow under a black light, creating a truly unique art experience of a magical forest.


By following their creative impulses in one layered work, students will learn how to explore independent, original ideas by changing direction, creating a contemporary primitive painting in the style of artist Jesse Reno.

glittery galaxy painting


Get ready to embark on an artistic voyage through the cosmos! Using the Elements of Art, students will summon their imagination to create a painting of a far-off galaxy. Inspired by the wonders of the James Webb Space Telescope, and the countless stars and galaxies it has captured, this STEAM project is sure to ignite students’ creativity.

figurative painting a2


Drawing inspiration from the incredibly talented artist Jordan Casteel, students will create a figurative painting of someone who is often “unseen” in their community. Armed with their personal photos and sketches, students will channel their inner creativity to make a painting that truly captures the essence of their subject.

chromacryl essentials basquiat


In this project, students will combine the power of painting and drawing using the acrylics and oil pastels. Drawing inspiration from the iconic techniques of Basquiat, students will infuse their artwork with a unique visual vocabulary, personal symbols, and words that reflect their individual style and message.

collage inspired by eric carle


Get inspired by the colorful world of Eric Carle! In this project, students will use the paper collage techniques of the legendary author and illustrator himself. By painting and decorating their own unique assortment of cut paper, students will unleash their creativity and discover the endless possibilities of shape and form.


In this project, students will explore the exciting process of printmaking and learn how to produce multiple images that capture the essence of their artistic vision by drawing, cutting, and gluing shapes to create a collaged card block.


Inspired by the legendary story quilts of Faith Ringgold, students will craft an original narrative work of art using painted papers, collage and descriptive writing.

Lesson plans developed in association with Brava Art Press.

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