Chromacryl 5 Tube Set

  • Chromacryl 5 Tube Set

    The Chromacryl 5 tube Set includes Cool Red, Cool Yellow, Cool Blue, White, and Black in 2.5 US fl oz (75ml) tubes. Not only does this set introduce color mixing, but this set also makes a great gift or back-to-school package.

  • Characteristics
    AP-approved, non-toxic
    Medium consistency, water-based acrylic
    High pigment load
    Water resistant when dry
    Cleans up easily with soap and water
    Also available in open stock 2.5 US fl oz (75ml) tubes and 16.9 US fl oz (500ml) and 1/2 gallon (2L) bottles
  • Techniques
    Can be used with a brush or a painting knife due to its medium-bodied consistency
    Mix with water for watercolor effects
    Use on virtually any surface - paper, canvas, board, paper-mâché, and more
    Use with Chromacryl mediums to achieve even more, including screen printing and textile painting

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