Archival Oil Mediums are designed to work as a system, giving artists easy control of paint consistency, handling and drying properties. The mediums can be used in any combination to produce exactly what the artist desires. When mixed with Archival Oils they also promote fast drying. (Note: paint on the palette does not dry fast until after a medium is added.)

Chroma Solvent Finishing Varnishes are solvent-based, non-yellowing strippable varnishes which allow paintings to be cleaned more easily later by swabbing with mineral spirits. Chroma Solvent Finishing Varnishes are available in Satin, Gloss and Invisible. Invisible Varnish provides a protective coating and does not alter the surface quality of a painting.


  • Archival Oils Lean Medium

    Archival Oils Lean Medium is a general-purpose alkyd resin medium. It feels oily, but dries with a low sheen in 24 hours. It Increases flow and transparency.

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  • Archival Oils Fat Medium

    Archival Oils Fat Medium is a syrupy, heavy liquid medium that promotes faster, more thorough drying of oils. Gives great control over detail and has been specially formulated using very…

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  • Archival Oils Classic Medium

    Archival Oils Classic Medium is a very slow drying medium ideal for thinning paint while maintaining a rich, luminous finish when dry. Gives a long manipulation time for over painting…

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  • Archival Oils Flow Gel Medium

    Archival OIls Flow Gel Medium is a liquid/gel that breaks to a fluid when brushed and sets to a non-liquid state when “at rest”, making fluid but non-drip techniques easy…

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  • Archival Oils Smooth Gel Medium

    Archival Oils Smooth Gel Medium is a pasty, alkyd resin medium for impasto painting techniques. It speeds drying and makes paint go further without loss of body or intensity.

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  • Archival Oils Texture Gel Medium

    Archival Oils Texture Gel is a variation of Smooth Gel Medium, which contains ceramic beads for a gritty texture to add aesthetic appeal to thickly applied paint.

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