• Chroma’s Archival Oils Professional Artists’ Oils

    Chroma's Archival Oils Professional Artists' Oils are the only patented oil in the world offering unsurpassed painting freedom, allowing long term flexibility and a safer working environment due to our…

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  • Archival Oils Lean Medium

    Archival Oils Lean Medium is a general-purpose alkyd resin medium. It feels oily, but dries with a low sheen in 24 hours. It Increases flow and transparency.

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  • Archival Oils Odourless Solvent

    Archival Odourless Solvent is a general purpose, low toxicity solvent which may be used as a replacement for gum and mineral turpentine to thin paint and clean brushes.

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Chroma is commited to providing creative solutions for artists. Since 1965, our fine art acrylics, oils and multiple grades of student acrylic, tempera and specialty paints and mediums help artists…

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