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Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Primer (Part A)

  • Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Primer (Part A)

    Chroma’s Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Primer (Part A) is used to prepare glass, tile and enamel prior to painting. Use with Chroma’s Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Medium (Part B).

  • Characteristics
    Use to prepare a glass, tile or enamel surface prior to painting
    Flammable! Appropriate safety measures should be followed.
    Clean up with soap and water
    Approx. coverage; 1 oz = 2 sq ft
    Available in 250ml bottles
  • Techniques
    Using a clean brush, apply a generous amount of Chroma’s Jo Sonja Glass & Tile Primer to a clean dry surface to prepare it. Allow to dry. A blooming or cloudiness may be evident on glass after application. This is normal and can be buffed off when your designs have cured.
    preparing the inside surface of a glass container (eg a decorative Christmas ball), the Primer may be poured in and swirled around to coat the interior surface. Drain thoroughly and allow to dry.
    Paint as per instructions under Glass and Tile Medium.
    Not recommended for use on plastics.

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