Final Varnishes are used to protect the completed painting and to adjust the surface sheen. If your painting is too shiny or matte, you can correct the surface by choosing the appropriate varnish. For best results, apply an isolation or sealing coat prior to varnishing.

  • Atelier Matte, Satin & Gloss Varnish

    These Atelier water-based varnishes are non-toxic are used on acrylic paintings. Provides a non-removable. non-tacky protective coating when cured.

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  • Chroma Solvent Finishing Varnishes

    Solvent based, non-yellowing strippable varnishes which allow paintings to be cleaned more easily later by swabbing with mineral spirits.

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  • A2 Matte & Gloss Varnish

    A2 Matte and Gloss Varnishes are mid-viscosity mediums that are used as a final protective layer to adjust sheen and increase color depth in finished artwork. Seal painting with Binder…

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