Chroma and the Environment

Like any Company trading in today’s markets, we have a responsibility to ensure we source and use the right materials with a strong theme of waste reduction and recycling all the way through our hierarchy at Chroma Australia. Hopefully the flow on effects are felt not only by our customers, but by our competitors too.

For the nearly 50 years that Chroma has been trading, strong practices as a Company in regards to environmental care has always been a priority. Given that we are a medium sized, privately owned entity, introducing new processes to look after both our customers and our planet isn’t that challenging for us……why? Because not only do we want to do it, but being a medium sized company comes with flexibility to push through new thoughts and ideas quickly and in an effective manner. This is reflected in our pursuit of packaging that is not only recyclable but already contains recycled materials.

Take the plastic tubes we use to package our paint – we are most endeared to “Margorie” containing 30% to 90% recycled polyethylene and she is made right here in Australia!

MARGORIE is an acronym for Millennials, Australian made, Recycled content, Government 2025, Original, Recyclable, Innovative, Engagement

Read more about Margorie here

We also have a relationship with our supplier at Impact International to reuse the packaging that the empty tubes arrive in at our site. The buzz term for this is “Closed Loop Collaboration” and we love it!

Reviewing packaging and processes like this is something that we, as a manufacturer, are obligated to do not only as a responsibility to our customers but also the environment.

We are also aware that, as many of our customers are artists, who are commonly concerned about the environment and the impact we, as humans are having on planet earth.

Currently, we have a number of packaging items under review and will continue to review and assess products old and new as technology is always presenting new pathways for reform. Going forward, you might notice changes or you might not, as we’ve always had things like environmental awareness on the agenda and that has been reflected in the materials we use. Rest assured that we are continuously aggressive in reviewing what we do and how we do it here at Chroma.


Jim Cobb (Paintmaker)

& the Chroma Team

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