• 3711 - 8 oz Jo Sonja White Gesso_1080x1920 bottle
  • 3713 - 8 oz Jo Sonja Black Gesso_1080x1920 bottle

Jo Sonja Gesso Primer

  • Jo Sonja Gesso Primer

    Chroma’s Jo Sonja Gesso Primer is a flexible acrylic ground with a smooth to medium grit content that provides a ‘tooth’ on which to paint.

  • Characteristics
    White and Black Gesso for priming surfaces prior to painting
    May be sanded when dry for a smoother surface
    Hair dryer may be used to speed surface drying
    Clean up with soap and water
    Available in 250ml bottles
  • Techniques
    Apply directly to surface using a clean dry brush, roller or air brush. (For airbrushing, thin Gesso with Flow Medium starting at 1:1 ratio, adding Flow Medium until desired viscosity is reached
    Apply undiluted to stretched unprimed canvas. Apply subsequent coats as soon as previous coats are dry to the touch. May be sanded when dry for a smoother surface.
    Colours may be altered using Chroma’s Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic or Background Colours. Add in small amounts to tint as desired
    Do not mix with oil based products.

Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours Tutorials

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