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Jo Sonja Flow Medium

  • Jo Sonja Flow Medium

    Chroma’s Jo Sonja Flow Medium is added to Chroma’s Jo Sonja Matte Flow Acrylic and Background Colours and other Chroma’s Jo Sonja Mediums for thinning as needed for paint application or various techniques such as fine detail or linework and airbrushing.

  • Characteristics
    Use to thin colours without losing intensity or adhesive properties
    Suitable for thinning for linework, airbrushing and basecoating
    May be used as light sealer
    AP-approved non-toxic
    Hair dryer may be used to speed surface drying
    Available in 250ml bottles
    Approx. coverage: 1 oz = 6 sq ft
  • Techniques
    Mix small amounts of Flow Medium with paint using a brush or palette knife, beginning with an approximate ratio of 2 parts paint to 1 part Flow Medium until desired consistency is achieved. Water has a diluting effect on the pigment and adhesive qualities of acrylic. Its use should be kept to a minimum.
    Flow Medium may be used to thin colours for basecoating on any surface that a smooth coat is desired including metal surfaces.
    Dry thoroughly. The addition of Flow Medium may delay drying time. A hair dryer may be used to speed surface drying.
    Dry a minimum of 48 hours before varnishing. Allow additional time depending on climate and humidity or if excessive medium is used.
    Airbrush artists may use Flow Medium to dilute Chroma’s Jo Sonja Artists’ or Background Colours beginning with a ratio of 1:1. A small amount of water may also be necessary for an even flow.

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